Monday, June 14, 2010

Off to Grandma’s House…

On my way home from GSing on Saturday I swung by the Cloth Castle to see if I could find some fabric for my Button Town Quilt.  And although I didn’t find the fabric, I did find this lovely little pattern…It’s called “Over the River and Through the Woods” by Crab-apple Hill.


I seem to be on a Grandma theme..I think it was the wooden sock dryer that was weighing on my mind..thinking of poor grandma washing grandpa’s socks.  He probably only owned two to wear and one to wash.  And poor Grandma was stuck washing them…! 


So if and when I make this quilt…I think I’ll hang it on the wall and hang the sock dryer next to it as a salute to all the hardworking Grandma’s who paved the way for a cushier life for their grand-daughters…

So here is the the river and woods that I have to stitch…


…before I get to Grandma’s house!  Yikes!  Now that’s a lot of stitching!!


Here’s the pattern for the stitching~HUGE- 12 sheets of 11”X8.5”!  Yowzwers!  Grandma would be SEW proud!! 


AND on the quilting front~ my little churn dash family is growing…P1080307

I still don’t have a plan for them…a little quilt of some kind, I guess.  I DO love making these little blocks…stay tuned…

So have a marvelous Monday in your corner of the world and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I have that pattern - isn't it wonderful! I haven't made it yet because I have another very large one drawn off but that one's next. :) blessings, marlene

  2. The pattern is wonderful and I know you'll whip that up soon...:-) Love the churn dashes, I look forward to seeing your little quilt.

  3. Love that pattern - very cute - Is it redwork? Laura

  4. Are those wood things sock dryers? I have never seen one before. The first thing I though of is that they would be so cute hanging on the mantle at xmas. You lucky girl! The pattern is adorable.

  5. Sweet stuff!! Want to make that pattern and love the little churns!! :)

  6. Oh, I have been drooling over that pattern at the LQS soo many times! I absolutely LOVE it, know I probably never will have the patience to make it, so I haven't bought it. I'd looooove to follow your progress on it! And the idea of a Grandma tribute with the sock dryer is wonderful!

    Still love your little churn dashes! Soooo cute :o)

    Hugs and stitches from me

  7. I love that pattern! I have the winter wonderland one that is on my 'to do' list. *sigh*

    You're not going to believe this but I remember my Mom and Grandma washing my Dad's and Granddad's socks and drying them on the stocking stretchers. I'm old but not THAT I? Another *sigh*.

  8. That is going to be beautiful.
    I have been looking at larger and scenic stitcheries, and never thought to do something like that.


  9. Hi Paulette, if you go to this link
    you will see the 'over the river' quilt finished ready to quilt. It's a beautiful quilt but you're right, lots of lovely stitching to do..

  10. Love the quilt Paulette...what's the bet you'll have it done by the!
    That's it...I'm going to have to do my granny bit and get me a pair of those sock dryers..back to the shop i saw them later this week..
    Julia ♥

  11. Paulette I have just finished the stitching on "Over the Woods' and I have loved doing it. Now its just on to the rest.
    hugs Deb

  12. You could always make your "Little Churns" over a long time and let them grow into a big bed quilt.

  13. I adore that pattern, did from the moment I first saw it, one day......

  14. Hi Paulette!
    Thanks for joining my bloglist! I can see already that we have a lot in common!
    Best of luck with your new quilt pattern~I have the same one and it sits patiently waiting for me to begin....
    I am quilting one for a customer and it is worth every stitch to get it done~ its'a beauty~
    And that garage sale~oh my goodness~I would still be there....

  15. Love that little churn dash.. And that pattern from Crab-apple Hill is awesome..The other one in the bag will be so colorful and sweet..

  16. I have also admired this... very beautiful! but I don't do embroidery... hmmmm.
    Well, I will look forward to watching you make this beauty! XO