Thursday, June 10, 2010


I stumbled onto a blog this morning and it got me all fired up!!  Don’t you love it when that happens!!  Anyways you have to check it out-Crafty Gemini is the name of Vanessa’s Blog.   Vanessa is a young 27 year old woman with a passion for quilting, sewing and crafting …AND…she wants her own TV Show and after listening to video I say LET’S GIVE IT TO HER!!!


It’s been years since we have had a quilting show on TV.  I can remember setting the timer on the VCR to tape the Eleanor Burns Show or Alex Anderson’s Show.  I learned SO much from these two ladies.  To this day I still toss my scraps over my shoulder in the true Eleanor Burn’s style!!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had another quilter to guide us through various techniques and patterns, someone to show us all the newest gizmos and introduce us to all the young and old designers. Vanessa is OUR woman!!  She is young and dynamic and you can tell she is passionate about her craft.  BUT she needs our support…yes we need to show OPRAH that we will watch…so PLEASE go and view the  short video and then VOTE for Vanessa…and while you are at it…check out her blog…It’s a good thing!!  She has tons of how-to-tutorials and she has several quilting videos on You Tube.

Now let’s back up here…YES, I said OPRAH…I guess Oprah wants to start up some new shows ~ Oprah is looking for some great new hosts and show ideas for her new network- OWN. Vanessa wants to win a spot for her new show “Patch Works”!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she did!!  So hustle over, read all about Vanessa, watch her Video and then vote..several million times!!  Change is what we need- YES WE CAN!  YES WE CAN!! Catchy slogan…do ya’ think it works? ;o)

…so click here…Crafty Gemini!  You won’t be sorry!! …AND REMEMBER TO SPREAD THE WORD!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. AAAHHHHH!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you so much for blogging about me, my tutorials, and my mission to get my own sewing & quilting show! It is much appreciated! :o)

  2. Well, I am going to have to go see what you are all "fired up" about!

  3. She's fantastic and has my vote!

  4. I'm glad today wasn't the day you surprised us by joining us for lunch--unless, of course, you're into raw vegan food. That Gran--the things I do for her! BTW, I was flipping through the TV listings last night and came across some really "off" channel that had programming like "How to Fix Your Own Tractor" and "Farming News" and there was Eleanor Burns with Quilt in a Day! Who knew it was still on somewhere?!