Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let’s go to a Garage Sale or two or three…!

By now you all know that I enjoy a good Garage Sale or two or three…now try 144!!  Yesterday was Oak Bay’s (a subdivision of Victoria) Annual Neighbourhood  Garage Sale…they don’t advertise this neighbourhood event as they have learned from experience that to advertise means thousands of people descending on their quiet town causing gridlock on their side streets. 

So I am at a Garage Sale on the outskirts of Oak Bay and I hear one lady say to another “So where to next"?” and the other lady brings out a three page list of Garage Sale Addresses …Of course I start up a conversation…and find out about the 144 Garage Sales!!  I do a happy dance to my car and head towards Oak Bay!! :o)

How do I describe a GOOD Neighbourhood Garage Sale? Hmmm let’s just say it’s like going out ‘Trick or Treating’!!  You go from house to house to house…getting treats!  Some treats are better/cheaper than others!

I have GOT to take you along…

This was a favourite~ the lady who had this Garage Sale made Martha look like an amateur crafter.  Every table was a different Craft…jewelry making to the left, making purses out of jeans on the fence, scrapbooking to the right, and so on and so on…


This was the fabric/quilting table!


Oh…and I resisted buying this table…I know, I know it is SOOO me but I already have one! ha ha

P1080275    This was another favourite!  Do you see the old lady with the big sweater?  Well it was her stuff…and she had everything…and neat stuff too!  And everything had a story to go with it…

P1080279 P1080280

Ahh the things you accumulate after living for almost 100 years!!


That is her daughter in the bright pink sweater~ another very nice lady.  What is it about a GS…everyone is so happy and friendly!  She is probably relieved to be getting rid of all this stuff!


I REALLY liked this old white shelf but I had no place to put it at home…and I also loved this pillar with the ball on top…but my yard is full of junk as it is… and antique BALL Mason jars…love them…but I already have two…


Lots of great stuff to look at and the prices were wonderful!!


So what did I buy?  WELL…this is my FREE pile!!  Yes, FREE!!  A perfects basket that I will wire to my collapsible camping bike..(I knew I would find one SOMEDAY!!), a little copper kettle for outside…yes more junk!!, a little smelly candle thing- I had one and it broke..this was still in a sealed bag-new with lavendar scent, a butter dish- NO CHIPS!! and I love this old shove (yes, from the old lady’s free pile - must be 100 years old- LOVE IT!!)


Fabric (50 cents- $1.00)..and two quilting books (25cents for the books!)


Embroidery floss- 10 cents- I mean really, what can you buy for 10 cents now a days!!

P1080288 Five metres of wool- ready for the dye pot!!  $4.00!


Wooden sock dryers…you can NEVER have too many of these!! I know, I know…I already heard it from my husband…:o)  but they were calling my name…AND they came with a story from the Old Lady…and they were only $1.00!!  HER MOTHER use to dry her dad’s hand knit wool socks on these.  She would hang them on the fireplace so the socks would be dry in the morning!  How cute is that!!  I took these wooden sock dryers over to the lady with the pink sweater and told her the story…about how her grandmother..yadda yadda.. and she looked at me like…they’re junk…do you want them or not!!  Well they may be junk but they are at least 100 years old junk..and YES I want them…now what to do with them??  Oh..and I also bought the old tin box for another $1…and yes, it came with another story…I think the Old Lady had my number….


My old teapot’s spout broke so now I have a NEW teapot…for only$2!  She is so pretty…


Some perennials for the garden (25 cents)- even the little mini rose bush was 25 cents!


A little round table topper…I needed this like another hole in the head but it was only $2…and yes-from the OLD LADY.



Check out the stitching…she CAN sew!


So I hope you enjoyed the Garage Sales!!  And you ONLY went to two!!  Just imagine 144!!  I am going to turn you into a Garage Saler yet!!

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I have never heard of nor seen wooden sock dryers. Wonder what you will do with them!

  2. We have neighborhood yard sales too, and I missed it this year! Darn! I hadn't heard of the wooden sock dryers either.

  3. Looks like you had a ball! And some great finds! Never seen or heard of a wooden sock dryer before - we learn something new every day ;o)

  4. What fun!!!! I do remember wooden sock dryers and also the wire ones.....

  5. I'd call this the motherlode!!!

  6. I think you showed great restraint with all the items that were calling to you. And what you bought will be very handy especially that sock dryer!?!?

  7. OMG.. Paulette what a fun time!
    You did real well to only buy that much..
    GS's that I have been too here are no where near that good..
    I love that sock dryer...I saw them at the wool shop and didn't know what it was for,,,now I know!
    Julia ♥

  8. My Goodness that GS was amazing. Must admit I would have fought you for the sock blockers. What a find :-)

  9. You sure made out today, wish I could find yard sales like that. All ours have is junk and baby stuff.


  10. What wonderful bargains you walked away with.
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I'm sure that I would've walked away with way too many things had I been there.

  11. I can only imagine the treasure at an Oak Bay community garage sale! I think your best score was the tablecloth. How sweet is that embroidery and applique??

  12. You had a wonderful day! We don't have garage sales, people have to take their junk to flea markets and sell it there, or price every piece and leave it to be sold if they want the money for themselves. The sock dryers are the most interesting find, and the tablecloth and teapot are the prettiest.

  13. I have lived in Victoria for over 30 years and have not heard of that one particular GS. I shall mark my calendar and maybe next year I will be there. And yes, I have seen wooden sock stretchers before but forgot that they even existed nowadays. You sure had a super Saturday and I enjoyed going along with you on this journey.

  14. With all the stories you were hearing from the nearly-100-year-old I'm surprised if you had time to go to anyone else?

  15. what a great day! brilliant finds! i know i couldnt have resisted all that interesting stuff. we dont have 'garage sales' in the uk, but we do have 'car boot sales' in fields - less leg work for the buyer but less of a peak into their lives i think.

  16. If you like garage sales, you may also like listing your stuff for sale online on It's totally free – no commissions, no fees. Just like regular yard sale, but it runs forever.

  17. My goodness! Suddenly my two little finds seem so... small!
    I know I shouldn't say it but, Man, am I jealous! Congrats on all the goodies!