Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sew Fine…Sew Fun…Sew FREE!!

When someone asks me “So..HOW’S RETIREMENT?” I always reply, “Well let me put it this way…EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY WITHOUT THE GARAGE SALE!”  I think that says it nicely, don’t you?

Well yesterday WAS Saturday and man, did I hit a good Garage Sale!!

The owner of a fine furniture/drapery/reupholstering/decorating store was getting rid of his stuff (sounded like a yearly event).  I WISH I had brought my camera!!  He had a big truck backed up with rolls of fabric stacked high.  Most of the rolls had between 1-3 metres on them…lovely drapery/upholstering fabrics…and he also had stacked rolls all down the right side of his driveway.  ALL the fabric was being sold at $5 a metre (39inches) which I thought was a great price as this was VERY expensive stuff…here’s what I BOUGHT~

Five rolls~ let me give you some close up shots…


These two really go well together… I’m thinking pillows or purses…? The dragonfly print is burgundy and not this REAL LIFE.


I bought this fabric to cover the chairs in our 5th wheel.  Love this fabric as it has hint of moss green to it…


Here’s a close up…It looks like a loose weave but it has a backing to it that makes it tough. 


I LOVE both of these fabrics…the top cream coloured roll is soft with no backing so it would be nice for stitching on…and the bottom hounds tooth check is screaming out hand bags…don’t you think..??


Now that is what I PAID for…let me show you what I DIDN’T PAY for!! NO I didn’t shop lift!!  It was FREE…oh I wish I had brought my camera…remember I said that on the right hand side of the driveway the man had stacked rolls of fabric…weeeellll…on the left side of the driveway were BOXES and BOXES of samples and smaller pieces (slightly less than 1 metre) and he was GIVING this away for FREE!!  I tell you I started to hyperventilate!!  And the good thing was, there was only one other lady looking, so there was no fighting…gouging…biting…or punching!! ;o) In fact, Denise (the other lady) is my NEW BFF.  We had a blast and the owner was encouraging us on…

Here’s was I brought home~

This is soft velour…I’m thinking crazy quilt…or am I just crazy?  Can I use this in a crazy quilt??  Would be great for runners, pillows and handbags…all the pieces are Fat Quarter size…


Here’s another angle…aren’t the colours gorgeous…and I left tons behind…




Zooming in for the close-up…don’t you love it…so soft…

P1080457   OK that’s enough of that…you’re drooling all over my fabric!!P1080461

Then there was this stack…remember this is the stuff that was FREE!!  And these pieces are much bigger than the above fabric…

P1080462 And this…


And this…and these pieces are almost 1/2 metre or more in size!!  P1080465 P1080466 P1080467

There was a whole stack of this paisley tapestry fabric…perfect for a carpet bag…

P1080468 P1080469    So Denise and I cleaned up…well actually I think the man having the Garage Sale was disappointed that we didn’t take more!  Denise and I took our time, dug through each and EVERY BOX and by the end of our ‘shopping’ we had exchanged phone numbers.  It was a hoot! 

Hoped you enjoyed the Garage Sale as much as Denise and I…Did I mention Denise isn’t even a quilter-she doesn’t even own a sewing machine!!  Not to worry…I will have her sewing in no time…

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!! ~P


  1. Wow! What a score Sweet P! I'm surprised you didn't ask to borrow his truck and bring it all home - I would have had a terrible time deciding what to pick from all that beautiful fabric! Can't wait to see what you turn it all into.

  2. Jackpot!! How fun! I love the paisley's and the one looks like quilt blocks! and... and...! LOL I can see why you had so much fun! Enjoy! :-)

  3. You hit the jackpot! What great fabric. It get the creative juices going doesn't it? Now I have to wipe off my keyboard from drooling over your bounty - LOL!

  4. I don't frequent garage sales, but watching you I just might have to give it a try. You find such great stuff. The fabric was beautiful.

  5. Wow you hit it just right! Someone gave me 5 rolls of upholstery fabrics that their neighbor had put out in the trash!! I was able to use some of it to recover an antique chair that belonged to my hubby's 95 year old aunt. It was all good fabric, so I guess the people just didn't need any more. Have fun!

  6. I would say you had a good day and got enough goodies to last you awhile;) I can imagine all the wonderful things you will make with them.


  7. GEEZ. I went to a garage sale too and all I got was a table! I think I need to shop near you, lol! What fantastic goodies you got!

  8. Beautiful fabric!! You sure did hit the mother lode and then some! LOL

  9. Oh wow, that's pretty sweet loot! I'm gonna have to check out local upholstery stores to see if they do that here too... hehee.

  10. I think the fabric angel is watching over you and has some great things for you to do. What fun to see!

  11. Now that is a great find.....I would have hypervintalated for sure.....just wonderful!

  12. Are you sure you left some behind?

  13. Looks like lots of fun...nice to meet a kindred spirit too!

  14. I like your thoughts on retirement.

  15. You did very well! I'm surprised you didn't take more of the free stuff, but a girl has to show some restraint doesn't she.

  16. You. Lucky. Bugger!!!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with (including the Crazy Quilt you are GOING to make!). I bet the man loved seeing how excited you and your new BFF were.

  17. You hit the jackpot...are you going to turn Denise into a quilter too? Lucky you!

  18. Wow!!! You and Denise certainly hit the jackpot!!!

    Beautiful fabrics! I love all the colours you chose in the velour fabrics.

    Have fun with your finds!

  19. You've done it again. What a fabulous haul. Enough there to re-upholster your whole house and the 5th wheel, make cushions and have runners on every table and top you possess.

  20. It looks like your are competing with me about who has the biggest stash of other people's rejects!

  21. I think that I am going to have to follow you around on Saturdays. That was a stack and a half. Good for you. And to think that I thought my house was overrun with other people's reject. I don't hold a candle to you. The Fabric's all look so rich.