Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wool Fever Strikes Again…

Yes, Wool Fever is definitely going around!!  Renee from Salt Spring Island, has caught the bug…  Remember I wrote about her on February 26th.  She was the Shower lurker(…asked me if I was Sweet P as I was leaving the shower with a towel wrapped around my head!) YIKES!


Well Renee turned out to be normal…whew…AND VERY NICE!

Here she is at the clubhouse…making a sunflower penny rug…It’s going to be lovely!

 P1060633 She’s a natural…

P1060634  The pattern is called Sunflower and Bittersweet and I bought it at the Country Loft, in La Mesa…and YES they have an online shop!!P1060636

I can see it now..Renee’s next project is going to be the Wool Crazy Quilt…after all she has the fever…

Have you got the fever?  All it takes is a little wool, a needle and thread…maybe a pattern or two ….and bam…you will have the Fever too!  Believe me…it is catchy…VERY catchy!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I love patterns like that, but I cannot needle turn fabric with small items. Wool is such a nice change and so easy to do small items and berries with.


  2. Yes, I love the wools too and I love sunflowers. Have been to their website and it is nice. Good to hear from you.. Have a great day!

  3. Well, if she's caught wool fever, then she MUST be normal. hehe. Your Wednesday's look like loads of fun.

  4. Please welcome Renee to our quilting/crazy for wool way of life ~ sweet insanity. Hee! Love the project she's starting out with. Isn't it fun to draw another new friend in to share the passion for stitching? Next thing she'll be blogging!?

  5. What a sweet project she's working on - love it. Oh, I wish I could catch the wool fever but maybe it's a good thing I can't LOL

    Have fun.

  6. Love that sunflower it will look stunning. The introduction to wool is still on the "To do" list. Have seen a few mentions of wool here and there down under. Sounds like a winter project to me.

  7. Paulette....Glad you are doing such a good job spreading the "W" word...:) Your block is looking spectacular!!!! JAM

  8. LOL, you're such an enabler! That sunflower is darling.

  9. That's so pretty- pretty pattern and lovely work coming along! And DON'T tempt me, haven't I enough to be going on with as it is???

  10. I am hiding so I won´t get the fever, I really would love to get it but I can´t now!