Friday, March 5, 2010

I Got Mail…

Look what came in the mail today…and it’s for ME P1060649I won Linda’s  (“All Stitched Up”) Birthday Give Away…OMG…her work is stunning!!  I have NEVER seen work like this before!!  Exquisite!  The smallest stitches that I have EVER seen!!  Gorgeous!  There’s a lovely bag with garden stitching all around it.  I LOVE IT!!  Thank you so much LINDA!

P1060645  P1060647 

Just look at the little teeny tiny stitches!!  Beautiful work! P1060650 


‘Sew’ cute!!

P1060653  There was also this beautiful needle case…with tiny little flowers stitched…a work of art!!  Just lovely!


And this gorgeous pin cushion!!  I LOVE IT ALL!!   THANK YOU so much LINDA!! And did I mention that it came all the way from Australia!!  I will treasure this!!  It is too nice to use but use it I will…very carefully!  I am so lucky!!


We are going to have a lot of fun hanging out together…



Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. So glad it arrived safely and that you're enjoying your parcel. Just to burst your bubble a little. I'm now living in the US, moved here 6 years ago from Australia.

  2. What lovely gifts, such beautiful stitching. THe Australians really have a gift for stitchery. Lizzie

  3. Linda's work is wonderful...I know since I've been the recepient too. What very lovely gifts won by someone who will certainly enjoy and appreciate them.

  4. Its all beautiful- reminds me of the beautiful work my granny had on some of her trousseau items, the tiny delicate embroidery. Very unusual to see work like that these days I'd say!

  5. How lucky for you. It is all so beautifully crafted.

  6. It's beautiful. Lucky you, Paulette.


  7. What beautiful gifts, they will be treasured, I am sure.


  8. Again, you are so lucky!! Just what magic spell do you use when entering giveaways Paulette? This one is a beaut!

  9. Congrats o your win, such beautiful work, Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh you lucky lucky lucky girl - what a STUNNING win!

  11. omg you are so lucky - you win the most wonderful things - congrats on this one - a great win

  12. What a wonderful win. Congratulations.