Monday, March 22, 2010

Meant to be…

I have been drooling over this little quilt for years now.


It’s called “Primitive Youngins” by Lynda from Primitive Pieces.

   There is something about Raggedy Ann and Andy that I love!  Did I secretly want one as a child?   My Quilting buddies, Claire and Alice and I went to a Quilt Show in Tsawwassen (just outside of Vancouver) about  4 years ago and this quilt was hanging in one of the booths.  LOVED IT!!  They had the book on display…so we picked it up, flipped through it, drooled over it some more and then put it back! 

Some quilts you have to see in REAL life to appreciate and I think this is one of them!  Of course I couldn’t take a picture of the quilt in the booth at the QS but it had to have made an impression as I have been thinking about this quilt ever since.  Some quilts are like that…

So what should I find while going through the ‘bargain’ bin at the Calico Horse QS.  Yup, this book!!  Some things were meant to be!!  I still love the quilt and while flipping through the book there are other little quilts in this book that are pulling at my heart strings…



Oh and did I mention that the book was half price!!  Yes, some things are just meant to be!!

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Looks like a great book full of great little quilts! :0)

  2. Definitely 'meant to be' - enjoy!

  3. I like that last quilt, simple with a little touch of applique. I have some of Lynda's patterns, she has a wonderful way with colors and fabrics.


  4. Karma is a good thing. I like the star quilt best , but the youngins are cute too.

  5. Good for you - that's darling!

  6. I love Lynda's work,, I am getting ready to have Mr.Couple quilt the flower basket quilt of hers I made. She just made a wall hanging but i have made a full size and put flower borders between the baskets.. I must look that book up, it really looks like anyone would love it..

  7. What a wonderful find, but.... did you find the book or did the book find you?

  8. What a great find. I'll look forward to seeing the quilts you make from the book.

  9. I like that last quilt, simple with a little touch of applique.
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  10. A bargain too good to refuse