Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Basket Case…

Would you believe that we will be leaving Desert Hot Springs in less than 2 weeks?  That was the fastest three months EVER!!  In a blink…our holiday will be over!! 

Yesterday I started getting some stitching projects ready for when I am ‘co-piloting’ to New Mexico and then home.  I hauled out the Clubhouse light box and transferred these sweet little basket stitcheries onto a loose woven muslin fabric that I bought at the Country Loft.  The Pattern is called Baskets of Life and is designed by JoAnn Mucally- a JAM Pattern. (JoAnn also wrote the book Wool Crazy). (YOU can get this pattern by ordering through the Country Loft…just tell JoAnn I sent you!!)


You can’t see this quilt very well in the cover picture but trust me…done up, it is spectacular!!  It stopped me in my tracks! 

 P1060939 P1060940

It must has been a BOM at one time as this is the way it came…each basket and how to assemble the block as it’s own separate pattern.


Each basket depicts a different month or season of the year…eg. one basket is filled with acorns, another with Christmas greens, another with pumpkins…and so on..I just love this sweet quilt!


And do you see the stars that say ‘wool’…well you stitch real wool stars there!!  That’s what sold me on this pattern!!  The best of both worlds!  Love it!


And in the middle of the quilt are these words of wisdom…


…Words to live by!!  So this is what I plan on stitching as we visit New Mexico and then head home…

That is- after I have finished stitching these little guys..


..Christmas reindeer from the Free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop!!  Isn’t he sweet!! (Christmas Magic by Henry Glass) The blocks are so small that I had to go buy a smaller hoop!  But they are worth it!! Sooo cute!   I am stitching them on polka dot fabric so that it looks like it is snowing.

This morning I am off on one last outing with my Wednesday Quilting Group..we are going on the Spring Fling Shop Hop sponsored by the local Quilt Shops.  We went last year and had a blast!  I’ll fill you in tomorrow! (Don’t worry I am taking my camera!!)  I will have to show great restraint as under the bed is FULL!  Welllll…maybe I could squeeze in one more pattern, one more fat quarter…always room for one more…. After all, we can sleep with our feet propped up…can’t we? ;o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. baskets of life was a bom last year. Still working on mine. When you are friends with joann & take all her classes you get behind alot. I think i have projects for the rest of my life.

    Kim from san diego

  2. Sorry to hear your holiday is almost over Paulette. I've really enjoyed all your quilty adventures.
    Love the "Baskets of Life".

  3. Actually, I've heard it's good for your circulation to sleep with your feed elevated ;-)
    I can't wait to retire so i can stitch as much as you!!!

  4. Time sure flies by, but that just means spring is here and I am happy about that;) Great projects to work on while you travel.


  5. your stitching is wonderful!!

  6. Well I can say that I've enjoyed YOUR holiday and all the fun post you have delivered. We still have a fun filled two weeks...enjoy!!

  7. All good things have to come to an end....So that you can start enjoying the next good times. I bet that you are starting to miss your home and Spring has sprung. It will still be quite an adventure to go with you on your journey home. Have fun on the shop hop! Can hardly wait for show and tell Friday.

  8. Paulette...Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on "Baskets"...I hope you enjoy making it! Have a safe and fun stitching trip home....and come back to see us next year! JAM

  9. Looks like you have found yourself a lovely project to while away the miles. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. I suspect that you must be looking forward to being at home

  10. I have been out of the loop for a week, but back now! Love reading your blog and enjoying your adventure travels, I think the reindeer id just the cutest too!

  11. I think that'll keep you busy, Paulette! And yes, sleeping with feet elevated IS good for you. *G*

  12. I think I've heard that having your feet higher than your head when you sleep is good for your heart, so you'd really better do some more shopping to keep yourselves healthy.

  13. I have loved reading your posts and your adventures. Will write more another time. I love the stitcheries and have got to order the pattern too.
    Stitch On!

  14. Can you both stitch and co-pilot :)