Friday, March 12, 2010


My new best friend’s FULL name is JOANN’S Arts and Crafts and she is great!!  LOVE her!!  She had my friend Sandy and I over for a visit and she showed us all kinds of neat stuff that she was just dying to get rid of!!  Let me show you what I brought home with me….

I have been looking for this magazine ever since my last visit to the Quilter’s Coop in Temecula!  Why you ask?  Because of this…


… little runner!!  It is VERY cute!  I CAN’T believe I didn’t take a picture of the one hanging on the wall at the Coop!!  Don’t you hate it when you do something like that?  See how the buttons are sewn on as windows in the magazine?  Well at the Coop the buildings had square patches for windows and I liked it WAY better.  But that is a minor change, easy to alter…and I still love the over all quilt!!


SOOO gorgeous with this little display in front of it!!  How cute are these little wooden houses out in front!!…hmmm I wonder if JOANN has any that she no longer wants…?


JOANN also had this wonderful stitchery book and at such a great price that I bought two- one for me and one for my wool crazy quilting buddy back home!


I found a yard of lovely black wool in the Remnant bin and because we are such good friends, JOANN gave it to me at half price..She is SO sweet!  I think we will have to have another visit…and soon!  Maybe I can convince her to move to Canada…wouldn’t that be fun?!P1060843

Sandy and I also found a Goodwill Shop that was huge and full of all kinds of wonderful ‘treasures’!!

My BIG find was this lovely wool jacket!!  It is a gorgeous red/burgundy herringbone tweed wool …LOVE the colour and the texture! A few weeks ago I bought a small 6”X6” square of identical wool at one of the Quilting Shops and paid way more than I paid for this jacket.  


I will get tons of wool fabric out of this jacket and I won’t have to horde it like I have been doing with my little square!!P1060846

So there you have it…a New Best Friend (JOANN) and a new Thrift Shop!!  Life doesn’t get any better than this! :o)

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I too bought Quiltmania for the table runner. Love the way it looks, however have you read the pattern. foreign, really. I think I could do better just drafting it myself. Not to say I don't love it! I truly do. Lizzie

  2. That jacket has excellent potential!
    My Mom brought me the same magazine back from the North last week and its got loads of good stuff in! You see the photo on p.10? I'm thinking of using that as the start for some lovely designer fabrics I won from Ulla after Christmas.
    Oh and I hope you don't mind, I'm just putting a link from my place to your yesterday post for them to look at both the lamp and the book, well, and the quilts, of course!
    Oh, and are you making the Cherry whatsit quilt from Sentimental Stitches? (previour post!)

  3. OMG, you, Sandy and Joann had a wonderful day together. I find it amazing how generous your new BFF, Joann is - a true BFF.

  4. Please please invite your friend Joanne to Canada. We would make her sooo welcome. Some of us aren't lucky enough to go and visit her so please bring her home with you Paulette. Thank you.

  5. What a lovely find you had on your visit. I have a neighbor who does this every once in a while and it is great. Then she borrows them back! lol I can't wait for you to show your runner when it is done!

  6. I hit Jo anns today, too. I had 10 coupons with me;)
    They never have books like that at ours, or they do and I would have to spend all day looking for one, it is such a mess.


  7. LOL - she's my bf too - although the one that was five minutes from my house CLOSED. Now I have to drive 30 minutes! Love your treasures!

  8. I love Quilt Mania and that tablerunner/wall hanging is wonderful - I love houses almost as much as I love snowmen! Great purchases. - Marlene

  9. Oh - sure do like that table runner, and really like the wool! Beautiful colors! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  10. I wonder if your new BFF would like an invite to the UK? She sounds like just the sort of friend I'd love to have nearby.

  11. Love the color of the jacket you found! What a find!!! How much longer before you head back home?

  12. She certainly is a great friend, but she has a way of grating on your nerves. She keeps giving and giving, and eventually there isn't any room in your house for more of her stuff. I've been to the store twice this week, for the coupon commotion. Yikes, when am I ever going to actually use the stuff I buy?