Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Dear Janes fighting?

So if you are getting tired of the Quilt Show then stop right here and hurry over to another blog…(maybe I’ll see you tomorrow…sniff, sniff)…if you’re staying then you are in for a REAL treat! 

When a Quilt Show has one Dear Jane Quilt then I  am really impressed (anyone who makes one of these quilts has my respect and admiration!!) BUT The Desert Guilds Quilt Show show had three!  Just imagine you have been working all year(S) on your Dear Jane quilt, finally get it finished, enter it in the show and find  out that there are three such quilts!! Incredible!!  All three were stunning and were fighting for top spot!!  They were the same but yet they were so different…have a look!



P1060707P1060714 Here are all three in their splendour~ the one on the right with plain white was my favourite…with all these intricate, busy blocks keeping the rest of the quilt simple is my motto… BUT that is just me…all three were incredible…and I would hate to be the Simon Cowell at  this Quilt Show!!


This was my favourite little quilt!!  Loved it, plus I loved the colours!!


Ohhh and I love this sweet little quilt!!  What a great way to play with hexagons without getting over whelmed!



This quilt was stunning too….I wish you could see the quilting…exquisite!


Oh…you can see the quilting…see…gorgeous..see the vines and leaves in the blue sashing…

P1060700 P1060701  This muddy scrappy quilt caught my eye!  I love the way each block is different!!P1060703  Another beauty…check out the prairie points!!  Wonderful!P1060705I have come to the end of the pictures but for those of you who are enjoying the show…stay tuned as there will be more to come…tomorrow!!  Yes, I am really milking this show!! ;o)

Have a super-duper Sunday and Happy Quilting!!   


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilt show! I have to agree with you, the people who make those Dear Jane qults are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  2. Just been ogling yesterdays and todays post; all those gorgeous quilts! Thank you for sharing! I have to go overseas to see a quilt show so I love it when you post loads of other peoples' work-of course I like yours too, guess you know what I mean! The Dear Janes are incredible, but the quilting on some of the others is fabulous! the one with all the feathers on the blue backing in particular. And the colours, and designs...ooooh, sigh, heaven...

  3. Wonderful quilt show and love the dear janes, those are beautiful.


  4. It is amazing to me how many different quilts there are. I took pictures at a show in Charleston, SC and they are so different than the ones here in CA. I love looking at the talented quilters everywhere, thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm really enjoying your pictures of the quilt show...keep them coming!

  6. Milk away, Paulette. I'm loving the tour.

  7. Wonderful quilt show! I'm with you, I am in awe of those who finish a Dear Jane quilt! I love that wall of mini quilts too--thanks for sharing!!!

  8. First, I love the quilt at the top of the page! Wow!

    I'm enjoying the quilt show! I really like the idea of putting the quilter's picture with the quilt. That is a great idea!

  9. I am really enjoying the show. Three DJ quilts - amazing. They are all pretty - I like the diagonal colorway on that one.

  10. Keep the show coming, I'm loving every picture you post.

  11. Oh wow...amazing quilts!
    Inspirational.. I love quilt shows..keep them coming Paulette
    Julia ♥

  12. Outstanding,awesome, incredible, so much more..I am always amazed at the talents of quilters..

  13. So many new ideas. The group of buildings is very clever and the hexagons give you a great chance to play with colour. And you could never get bored making that muddy scrap quilt as you pieced the different blocks. Oh so inspiring!

  14. Gorgeous - thanks for showing these! I can't imagine EVER making a Dear Jane.

  15. It's amazing how many quilt shows there are and how many quilts in them, lovely, adorable quilts. This time my favourite was the little hexagon quilt, something I would be willing to try myself. Thank you for taking us along!