Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Sweet day…

Sweet ‘P’ is getting sweeter… and the thighs  are getting bigger!  Look what happened to me yesterday as I was stitching the binding…..before I knew it I had all these wrappers to hide, I mean… to throw into the garbage…. 

P1030531Is it just me or are the Halloween chocolate bars getting smaller?….I mean really….I had to eat 6 or 7 before I had my fill of chocolate!  Let’s see…Halloween is on Saturday and today is Tuesday…looks like I am going to be shopping for more candy!  (:o)) that’s my double chin! 

A few of our fellow bloggers have been showing a few pictures of the Houston Quilt Market…and I love looking at them!  Then today I got my newsletter from Snip and Snitch, a quilt shop in Nanaimo (a city about an hours drive North of my home)… and Eureka!  The Mother Lode- she has posted three videos of the Houston Quilt Market!  Love it! Pour yourself a coffee (and maybe a chocolate bar or two… or six) and settle in as there is lots to see!  Enjoy!

Now that you have been to Houston and back, let me take you to the Snip and Stitch…it is a gorgeous store!  Lots of eye candy and upstairs is where you will find the bargains!  


I love a quilt shop that has a nice inviting door….. P1030430

Look at me…I’m already upstairs casing out the sales…and yes I found some good things!! P1030431

Do you think they would mind if I slid down the banister?  Ouch…that post in the middle is going to spoil it!  Darn!P1030432

You can see all kinds of goodies from up here! P1030433

This is the stuff that was on sale.P1030434

A Thimbleberries display…… P1030435

More Christmas fabric, patterns and ideas….sorry it is so dark…but it was a sunny day!


Lots of quilts, books and fabrics…. P1030437 P1030438 P1030439

A wool  and stitchery section….P1030440

Another Christmas section….


There was a workshop in session….something to do with computerized quilt programs or embroidery…?

What did I buy, YOU are asking?  Well…quilters DO love to sew and tell…..


I’ve had my eye on this pillow pattern for some time now…..and it was 50% off! Score!P1030469

This was my BIG find!!  They had two Nature’s Chorus charm packs….you probably don’t remember my hexagon quilt….remember I ran out of fabric which happened to be Nature’s Chorus !  (check Aug 31 posting).  Well I found it and bought both for 50% off!  Now that is Sweet!  And this sweet deal isn’t going to go to my thighs!

P1030472 P1030477

And this was another 50% off find!  I love this sweet stitchery!

So what do you think of the Snip and Stitch, well worth the drive?  You bet!  Thanks for coming with me!  It’s a good thing!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!
PS  Wool Pennies tomorrow…. :o)


  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful shop pictures. I had to snicker because I thought it might be fun to slide down the banister but the post in the middle would definitely HURT - LOL! I'm glad you found more Nature's Chorus - woohoo!!!

  2. What a fabulous shop!It reminds me of one I visited in Woodstock NY when we were over on holiday a couple of years ago. Quilting shops are few and far between here in the UK - I need to book another trip!!

  3. Oh boy - someone else with a chocolate fetish!! And yes, the bars are getting smaller (as we get bigger!!) The quilt shop is beautiful - could you squeeze me in your bag when you visit (heehee!) AND I love what you purchased - great finds and great prices!!

  4. I like shops with double doors, that way you don't have to wriggle out with all the purchases, you can sashay out like buying more than you can carry is normal! And I like shops with wooden fittings, don't know why!
    Those patterns you got are so gorgeous, I love embroidering those sorts of patterns too.

  5. What a wonderful store! Loved the way everything is displayed. I could spend hours there and a lot of money, I'm sure! Glad you found what you wanted.

  6. That sounds like a great store and the perfect way to spend the day. Beautiful displays of their items, love stores that do that.

    It is a good thing I cannot eat candy anymore, I would have gone through the bag in a day;)


  7. What a great shop Paulette...love the little stitchery you purchases.

  8. What a great shop...everything is displayed so beautifully!
    You did good picking up those bargains..
    Julia ♥

  9. Oh golly I really want to go there - and stay for maybe 3 weeks, lol! What a lovely place! I love what you got too!

    pssst - I do the same thing while stitching binding....shhhh

  10. The shop is beautiful, wish I could come and stay for a while, thanks for sharing! The chocolate story made me laugh...