Friday, October 2, 2009

One thing leads to another……

Don’t you just love getting a present in the mail?  I even love it when I PAY to give myself a present! Today my  Connecting Threads order came- a present to myself!   I really wanted the book ‘Material Obsessions’ and it WAS 40% off….


I love this book!  The quilts are beautiful and so are the pictures…check it out at your nearest book store but buy it from Connecting Threads as it’s way cheaper! (no I don’t work for them…yet…)

P1030146….AND then there was this kit called Kyoto Blues….the colours are gorgeous…chocolate brown and turquoise blue…yum…


…but then I needed some backing for the kit…..


and oh look…fabric for only $2.96 a yard!!! 


…perfect for backing!  The fabric from Connecting Threads is gorgeous- soft and perfect for quilting…check out their website- all their fabric is under $6 a yard and their books are always on sale! It’s a good thing!

On the quilting front- So what’s wrong with me??  Yesterday I was sewing away, making these Christmas stars~

P1030153 I had a rhythm going, the music was cranked up and stars were flying from my machine….


I decided to stop, have a break….check the computer- BIG mistake!  I started surfing blogs…and I came across a fellow blogger who was bragging about her last shopping trip and she was showing her loot (don’t you just hate people like this… :o) ) Anyways she showed this Whimsical panel that she just purchased and lights go off in my head!  I hear sirens! 


I have that panel and it’s perfect for October!  I drop the stars and start pulling out fabric- orange, browns, rusts… fall colours!!!  Before I know what has happened I have got pumpkins lined up at the machine and the stars are pushed to one side…


and my cutting table has Christmas prints on one side and Fall prints on the other and in the middle there is a huge mixed up mess….it looks like Christmas and Fall have met on a battle field…


So what happened…..?  Well for one thing, who can work in this mess?  Not me…today I have got to clean up before I can go on….I need my neat little stacks of fabric….what happened to my rhythm….what happened to my stars….AND now I have a dilemma- do I make pumpkins or Christmas stars….because it’s clear I can’t do both!!!

GIVE AWAY SIGHTED~ Look at what Julia is giving away to celebrate her 1000th posting! (YIKES!  That’s a lot! I wonder how old she is?…just kidding Julia!;o)  Her give- away is VERY generous – she made a gorgeous wall hanging, three pieces of fabric and Christmas ornaments!!  I have got the perfect spot to hang this wall-hanging so look but don’t touch (my fingers are crossed and so are my eyes!)image

Have a fantastic Friday and Happy Quilting!


  1. You are worse than I am, lol.
    I am committing myself to finishing one project at a time before I start a new one. Where have I heard that before;)


  2. Gotta stay off the computer . . . and where am I??? LOL

    I love the turquoise and brown combination! Just yesterday, I was shopping for a birthday present for my niece (yeah, it would be nice to make her a quilt, but who has the time??), and I found a shirt and hoodie jacket in that very same color combination. I loved it, so I had to buy it! For her, not me! LOL

    OK, I have to get some WORK done now, but I'd rather be sewing!


  3. Oh!! You are such a bad influence _ I had to go to the Connecting Threads and place an order...what a great sales lady you are!

    Jenny J

    PS -- HTR (Hi to Rick)

  4. thank you for passing on the giveaway..
    Good luck Paulette..
    Julia ♥

    Love that book and fabric!

  5. I have that book! But not all of this fabric that you are enticing me with, lol, makes a girl want to do some fabric shop surfing! You had a busy Friday. :o)

  6. You are just too funny. Your cutting table and tale of Christmas meeting Fall on the battlefield just cracked me up -- or did you peek in my sewing room?

    You'd better get back into your rhythm because I'm just itching to see what you come up with.

    I just got a slice of that Red Rooster Pumpkin & Spice and I love, love, love it. It's too cute for words.

  7. I don't think i should read your blog anymore as i only get envious lol CT don't ship to the UK so i stopped looking, i do go to Amazon to look for books then click on the New & Used & it can work out cheaper to buy from that than Amazon themselves.
    Yes i too love getting packages it can really brighten up the day even if it is what you bought yourself.
    Love your blocks very nice, also the panel I am just now popping over to Julia's give-away
    Hugs Janice

  8. Humph......I'm stamping my foot again. I just went hotfooting over to Connecting Threads, got really excited, then discovered, as I see Janice has too, that they won't ship to the UK. Why not? What's wrong with us, that's what I want to know.

    Your Christmas stars look beautiful. What are they going to be?

  9. starting another project in the middle of one sounds awfully familiar...accidentally sewing parts of separate projects together can also be a problem...well what can you do when inspiration strikes?

  10. What will you use the Christmas stars for?