Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall’s done….the Fall quilt that is!

Before I begin today’s post I need to wish my daughter a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Happy Birthday Hayley!!  My baby turns 25 today!  Yikes how did that happen?  It seems like only yesterday when she sat colouring at the kitchen table in her witch’s costume!  Oh, how she loved dressing in costumes!  Time certainly does fly….


Here is Hayley dancing at her sister’s wedding….I don’t think she sat out one dance!

IMG_1429 I can read her mind here….she is thinking…Put the camera away and get out of my face!  (Hay hates having her picture taken!)  Happy Birthday, Hayley!  Wish we could spend the day with you and help you celebrate….The hardest part about being a parent…having your kids move away to get on with their own dreams…You want them to dream big BUT you want them to dream close by…some things are not meant to be….but maybe someday!

On the quilting front~ Is it really the 20th of October?!  How did this happen?  Wasn’t it just Summer last week?  Yikes!  So I  put the Christmas Stars to one side and picked up the unfinished Fall quilt…got to get it done before Fall is gone!!  I put on the final border and quilted it using a free motion wavy line…quick and easy (did I just say quick and easy….NOT!)…Quilting is not my favourite part of making a quilt.  But I got’er done!  Now I will just hand stitch the binding while watching TV.  I’ve got to admit that I really do like this quilt….how cute are those little log cabins…. and I am a sucker for pumpkins and sunflowers. P1030367    P1030371 P1030372 P1030373 P1030374 P1030375P1030366 What I really need is a stitch regulator (see the close up of my stitching…OUCH!) I know our local fabric shop sells stitch regulators.  They plug into your sewing machine and they regulate the length of your stitches when you are free motion stitching. (that makes your stitches all the same length.) They cost about $600 Cdn….does anyone out in blog land have one?  How do you like it and does it really work?


If you are making a Fall/Halloween quilt you better get get busy~ only 11 days until Halloween! ;o)  (I know what you’re thinking~ YIKES! How did that happen?)

GIVE AWAY SIGHTED!!!!  Check out the Quilting Cat for an awesome give away!!!  Hurry over as the draw is over tomorrow!!  I REALLY want to win this one!!  I know, I know….I always say that but THIS time I really mean it!!  ;o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. You have a beautiful daughter and I wish mine was ready to go out on her own and mature, she is 23 now, lol.

    Love your quilt and I know what you mean about quilting. I love the quilting itself, but not on big quilts, too bulky. I have a stitch regulator, guess I should figure out how to use it;) I love doing the binding while watching tv, find it very relaxing.


  2. I have daughters also that don't want pictures taken; Hayley is beautiful! Your fall quilt is also beautiful. I have that trouble in quilting stitches too. Figured it was just my inexperience, as I've only done two smaller items, and my machine is about 20 years old. Too bad the stitch regulator is so spendy.

  3. Your quilt turned out beautiful. Makes me want to make one....but I am trying to stick to not starting anything new that involves buying fabric. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway.

  4. I can't see any problem with your quilting....looks perfectly fine to me!!!! I love your quilt too...such cosy colours....wish we had 'fall'....autumn here in the north of Australia doesn't really happen...everythings evergreen!!!!
    aaaah, just have to keep admiring bloggy photos!
    'o) Wendy B

  5. Happy birthday to your dear daughter. I have never heard of a this stitch regulator!

  6. Happy Birthday Hayley!!!

    Love your quilt!!!

  7. Your quilt is great and who looks close at the stitching anyway!!!

  8. A pretty daughter, pretty quilt and happy times. Very nice story. I have a stitch regulator for my quilt frame...which I have not really used. I think it's going to be for sale soon, all of it! LOL

  9. Happy Birthday Hayley! Your daughter is beautiful!

    I love your Fall quilt - the stitches look ok to me! I'd love a stitch regulator, but not anytime soon, I'm afraid. A friend has one and loves it.

  10. Oh what a beautiful daughter that you have. The pretty ones never want to have the photos taken - why is that? Happy Birthday, Hayley!

    Your quilt and stitching looks great -- you are being too critical of yourself. Enjoy it -- and it's done - YAY!!!

    Yikes, 11 days until Halloween?

  11. Awwww, Mom... nice B-day tribute to Hayley. Rhett got his birthday cookies in the mail today! Delicious! ...and a lovely hand-made card too! Love you!

  12. Happy birthday to Hayley. She shares it with my husband. Oh, 'cept he's a bit older than her (like about 42 years older).

    I loved the effect of your wavy line quilting. It made me think of the wind that always blows at this time of year and takes the beautiful coloured leaves off the trees.

  13. Please wish your DD a belated Happy Birthday
    Boy i love that quilt it really nice well done if it needs a holiday it can come over to me anytime lol
    Hugs Janice

  14. Happy Birthday to Hayley! I'm not sure how my youngest got to be 21 this year!

    Loving that warm and cozy fall quilt.

  15. Just popped in to say Hi! Wondered if you are able to quilt when you are out in your RV?

  16. Happy Birthday Hayley!! They grow up so fast, I know my baby boy is 30.
    I love the colors of this quilt. Great job!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Hayley!

    Your Fall quilt is just gorgeous!

  18. I had never heard of a stitch regulator before. Sounds interesting, just the price doesn't! - Why do you "free motion" stitch the wavy lines? I would do that using the walking foot and feeders, and hope for nice even stitches.