Sunday, October 4, 2009

Everything’s Coming Up Roses…..

Yesterday, I went into Sweet Pea, a quilting shop located in the small town of Ladysmith (about 35 minutes north of where I live).  While browsing through the shop I met Denise, a fellow quilter who was working on a quilting project.  I  was admiring her work, asking her questions and before I knew it she was giving me a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous quilted roses!   So here goes~

Meet Denise! A very friendly and generous quilter who likes to share…..


Denise is pointing to the design wall where her magnificent rose garden is growing….P1030256

Aren’t they lovely!!!  I want to make some of these…Denise assured me that they are easy as pie (….however she has not tasted my pie! )

P1030246 So you start with a square of muslin and do you see how she is working with the dark pink, moving from left to right and working her way around the rose.  She lays the dark pink onto the light pink (the row before the dark pink….)P1030247

Then stitches it into place…

P1030248 Irons it open..


Then takes the muslin and folds it under and out of the way to get the rose petal ready for cutting (she doesn’t want to cut the muslin!)


She trims the piece that she just sewed  and notice that she is cutting it at an angle.  Denise is using a ruler that has the the quarter inch measurement on it so that she will take that into account as she cuts. 


Look at the roses- you can see the spiral-  how she did a row of dark pink and then a row of light, angle cutting as she goes.  My guess is that the more roses you make the easier it would get…Also look at her work space- so neat, tidy and organized!  YIKES!


She also made these cute little pale pink roses that Denise will somehow incorporate into her quilt. SEW PRETTY!   Design walls come in handy!

P1030254  So lovely!!  They are definitely a good thing! Thanks, Denise for sharing your talent! I’m going to hang around Sweet Peas more often…..

MORE ROSES!!  This morning I spotted more roses on Sew Take A Hike…check it out. (Go to the right side bar and Click on “how to sew a rose out of knits”).  Penny uses recycled knit shirts to form the roses AND they are beautiful!!  She even gives us a tutorial on how to do it!  OH, OH now I am on the hunt for old knit shirts….darn… the thrift shops are closed on Sundays….maybe my hubby won’t notice if a shirt or two goes missing…after all it is for a good cause!

Have a Sunny Sunday!  (It’s sunny and gorgeous here! – too sunny to sew?  NEVER!)  And Happy Quilting!


  1. Yikes! This makes me feel dizzy. Lol, you won't see me sewing one of these beauties. Darn! What fun to sew and learn with a quilter friend. :o)

  2. I love how these rose blocks are made right to the edges and fill out the whole block. I am making something like this for a bouquet quilt, but this idea is just a bit different. Thank you for posting all this rose blossom fun!

  3. I do love it when you take us on your outings with you.

    Lovely roses, thanks.

  4. Thank you for that info because those roses are just lovely. They almost look 3D the way she has arranged the light and dark fabric. Definately something for the trying!