Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fibre Art Fun….

I thought some of you knitters/weavers/felters would be interested in the Fibre Arts Fair that is an annual happening in the Cowichan Valley.  I am not a knitter or a weaver but I do dabble a bit with needle felting (using wool felt and roving). 

There was lots of wool, angora, alpaca and llama fiber and wool roving-tons of wool roving….last year I looked everywhere for roving!  Now that I don’t need any, I see it every where…. the room was full of it and in every colour and at a VERY good price…(remember I got a huge box of roving free at a garage sale this summer :o)!!)

P1030445 P1030446 P1030447 P1030449

Lots of woven bags, sweaters and scarves.  I was there just before closing and everyone said that a lot of the merchandise had sold.P1030451 P1030454

This woman looks like she’s had a VERY long day…she is almost comatose!  Wool will do that to you….I’d better stick to quilting!


Told you…a wall of wool roving!


Cowichan First Nation women making their famous Cowichan sweaters, vests, hats and socks. Aren’t they lovely and very warm and cozy!P1030458 P1030459 P1030460 P1030461 P1030462

Lovely knit and felted hats….I like that green one…it’s a good thing I didn’t see that one earlier or it would be on my head right now!  (Nothing like wearing a hat while working on the computer…)P1030463 P1030464

Love these little wool felt angels…too cute

P1030467 Gorgeous woven scarves!!  Love them!!


Finally…a face I know!  Karen (the lady in green) is a neighbour- we usually talk while walking our dogs.  She has a beautiful garden and in her spare time she weaves.  Her friend, Susan is a weaver and a Blogger….if you are interested in weaving, Susan has a fantastic blog called Thrums.  Check it out and tell her Sweet P sent you!

Well that was almost enough to push me over the edge to become a weaver or knitter…..NOT!  I love all those soft, lovely fibres but….alas…my true love is FABRIC….once a quilter always a quilter!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I knitted a few things in the past, but not my thing.
    I do love beautiful yarns and roving though and love using them in projects.


  2. I love beautiful yarns,,,but it takes me all my time just to knit a pair of socks!

    I love your sense of humour Paulette!
    Julia ♥

  3. I agree - ALMOST enough to push me over the edge into knitting too! Beautiful things, thanks for sharing that. I adore alpaca wool!

  4. @Scuse my ignorance, but what's wool roving?

    The knitted socks look great, but not great enough to tip me over into knitting some for myself.

  5. The Cowichan knitted items look really lovely
    Hugs Janice

  6. I loved the wool roving and as I am a felter, I really enjoyed seeing it all!