Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quilting Buddies are the Best!

Yesterday I tootled off to Victoria, had a lovely walk/talk/coffee with my sister and then met up with my friend Claire for lunch.  Claire is the dog quilt/pumpkin runner quilter- you have met her before.  To know Claire is to love Claire!  She is one of my all time favourite friends!  Whenever we meet for lunch we always swap a little ‘gift’- a piece of wool, a pattern or such…BUT yesterday Claire out did herself -check out my gift!


This Hallowe’en 1901 pattern from Blackbird Designs  (that I have been lusting over….) and this lovely pumpkin mug!  When I questioned her about being so extravagant she said that I had won “her give-away”!  How sweet is that!   I’m sure anyone sitting nearby must have given their heads a shake because ALL we talked about was quilting…. quilt shops, quilt patterns, quilt designers, quilting books, and of course our quilting blogging friends….great fun!  I’m sure that you all have quilting buddies and are the same way.  You go into a ‘quilting fog’ when you are together…All I know is I’m so glad I have this particular quilting buddy and I loved her give-away! I WON!  I FINALLY WON A GIVE-AWAY!!!  Thanks, Claire!

Yahooo!  Another Give-Away has been spotted and I AM on a lucky winning streak (ha ha).  Jenny from Cut Sew Iron Repeat is giving away gorgeous apple/pear fabric and a box of scraps!  Hop on over and check it out…it’s a good thing!

Have a special Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Such a wonderful day! I could talk quilting until the cows come home, lol. That is a great pattern and the coffee mug is so pretty. A beautiful friend you have in Claire ~ you are a lucky girl!

  2. Lucky girl - Claire sounds like a wonderful friend!!!!! So glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. What a wonderful "give-away". I think the mug looks great on your autumn topper too.

  4. Congratulations on your winning streak wish i could just win still i help swell the numbers lol
    Love the topper, mug & pattern
    Hugs Janice