Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inspiration all around…

As you know, I am in Karen’s I Spy Fabric swap.  I have never made an I Spy quilt before so I had no idea what pattern to use…..that is until  UNTIL Leah brought this quilt top into Hand Quilting yesterday!  She cut her I Spy fabric into hexagon shapes and turned them into stars…Love it!   Leah’s hexagons are 6 inches- RATS! –that’s too big for our swaps 5 inch squares.  P1030314 P1030315 P1030316 But don’t despair –last night I received my email from Connecting Threads with this weeks Sales and I clicked on the FREE PATTERNS at the bottom of the page and guess what I found- this quilt pattern using 5 inch hexagons!!  I can use this pattern for my swap squares!!  Now was this not meant to be….!?  So I printed off the pattern and now all I have to do is wait for the squares to roll in….

I Spy a cute quilt!


This is the free pattern that I was talking about from Connecting Threads….perfect for my I Spy Quilt and it uses 5 inch squares!  AND did I mention that it is FREE?!  This is a good thing!

At Hand Quilting Yesterday- We finished Marion’s quilt so it came off the frame.  Isn’t it lovely. It’s called the Drunkard’s Path. (Thanks Julia – she knew the correct name of this quilt!)




Marion did a lovely job as it is all hand appliquéd!  YIKES!

So when one quilt comes off the frame another one goes on.  We started working on Kathleen’s quilt and it is going to be a dream to quilt…so soft!

P1030317 We always work on at least two quilts - Marj’s wonky Log Cabin is on the other frame.  I love this quilt…P1030026 P1030027

Isn’t it gorgeous and such a great way to use scrap

I can’t believe that it’s Thursday already!  We celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and I am ‘doing’ dinner.  So I have to stop thinking quilting and start thinking turkey, stuffing and such…

BUT FIRST I stumbled onto this wonderful ‘new to me’ blog and it is fantastic.  Wonderful quilts and tutorials on how to make them.  You have got to check it out!!  Her  name is Natalie and her blog is Piece n’ Quilt.  Click on over…you won’t be disappointed!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I am in the I Spy swap, too, and I've been debating what to do with all those squares -- I love that pattern you found!!

    So, if I go to the Connecting Threads website, I should be able to download the pattern??

    Thanks, Paulette, for helping me find something to do with those squares!


  2. Hi Paulette, Duh! I just got what an I Spy quilt is!!! Thanks for the pattern tip, I'm waiting for my first order from Connecting Threads. I'm off now to check out Natalie's blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my bird is in the fridge thawing.

  3. Hi Paulette. I'm working on an I Spy quilt for Jake my grandson and I'm using a pattern from "Picture Play Quilts" by Ami Simms. I'm making 'Zig Zag Zoom" and I've made "Yikes Stripes" before. This book is awesome as there are so many designs other than the hexagon or snowball ones you usually see. Check it out on Ami's website:

    Happy Quilting!

  4. I spy quilts are so much fun to make and for the little ones that receive them...
    Paulette...That quilt design is called Drunkards Path..can be put together in so many ways..
    Julia ♥

  5. The I Spy quilt looks good, must say i do love the log cabin one but it is one of my favourite blocks anyway the drunken path is also nice
    Happy Thanksgiving we don't celebrate here our next holiday is Christmas
    Hugs Janice

  6. The quilts in your frames look very nice. How long does it take to quilt a log cabin quilt or something like it?