Saturday, October 24, 2009

If the Nose Fits….I mean If the Hat Fits..

When I was at the Buggy Barn this summer I glanced at this book but put it back on the rack as there was SO much to look at….the store was overwhelming with too much eye candy for any one quilter to behold….besides, by this time I was hyperventilating….trying to take everything in!


In August, Kim from Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure was teaching a class and they were making this quilt called “If the Hat Fits” – the pattern is found in  “Frightfully Crazy” by Buggy Barn.  At the time  I thought ‘Wow, now that’s a cute quilt….I’d like to be taking that class!’


Here is the picture of the quilt taken from the book.

  The other day I was in the local quilt shop and what did they have on display?  This gorgeous quilt~P1030262  P1030259 P1030260 P1030261 It is stunning ‘in real life’!  Some quilts are like that- so much better in the flesh!…or should I say in the fabric?  I loved it!  The witches’ legs are loose and dangling  and there are these cute stars springing from their hats- just so cute….I want to make this quilt someday…minus their noses!  I didn’t like their noses…they looked like snakes coming out from under their hats…I noticed that Kim must have thought the same thing as her witches have no green snake noses….Much better….so whatever you choose…with or without their noses, this quilt is definitely a good thing!  Makes me want to get out my witch costume and fire up the old broom….

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. That is a fun quilt and great color scheme.
    I would probably go crazy in the buggy barn store, too many things I would want;)


  2. I just recently sent for two of their books- the Halloween one and the one with Eileen's butterflies in it as I love butterfly quilts. I do have a couple of their other quilt books too- They are in the pile of someday patterns- like a number of other great patterns.
    Not enough time to quilt unfortunately these days...
    Hope all is well with you.

  3. Those are so cute - I don't like the noses either, though, lol!

  4. That really is the cutest quilt Paulette. The witches are lovely but yep, I'm with you about the noses.

  5. I'm rather partial to witches...they are great!

    So nice to meet you today!
    The Fibre Fair was fun for just that reason... the people!

    a bit north of you in Duncan

  6. I agree with you about those witch noses, they do look like snakes. I vote for no noses. I've seen this quilt on Kim's blog. I would love to be in Sacramento to be able to take one of Kim's classes.

  7. Oh noooo, what are you trying to do to me? Now I've got to buy another book!

  8. These are great lovely work
    Hugs Janice