Friday, October 16, 2009

Feeling stressed….

I have been feeling stressed lately and I’m not sure why….I think it has something to do with the fact that Christmas is only a little over two months away. My three daughters have always helped me shop for Christmas gifts so shopping was always a breeze…in fact it was fun!  My daughters have all moved to different cities, so this year I am on my own…Now when I go to the mall and look and look…nothing appeals to me and I just know whatever I like, they won’t….so I stress… I guess I will go to the mall today and wander….and look….and wander….and stress. OR…I could relieve my stress and just go to the quilting  shop….. after all,  I have got over two months till Christmas!  Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do!  Gee, I’m feeling so much better….

On the quilting front~ Leah, from my hand quilting group, continues to astound me!  Someone gave her a bag of scraps and look at what she made!!  It is absolutely gorgeous and she is donating it to charity!!  Leah is such a talented and generous quilter- an inspiration for us all!

P1010378 P1010359

Hard to believe that this quilt was created from a bag of scraps…. 

P1010360 P1010361 P1010362 Just lovely!  Leah, it’s a good thing and so are you!

Speaking of good things~ Yesterday I stumbled onto Allie’s blog (called Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life) – cute hey!  What a gorgeous blog filled with lovely stitching and quilting.  Oh and did I mention that she is giving away a gorgeous free stitchery pattern that she designed called WEE Roses.  Hurry on over for a visit and don’t forget to download the pattern…Just lovely!  Thanks Allie!

Have a fantastic, stress FREE Friday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Awwww, don't stress! The right gift will just pop out at you when you see it - plus you have plenty of time!
    Leah's quilt IS gorgeous! She is very talented :)

  2. Daughters are the best help for Christmas shopping. You better just quilt some and try not to stress, and ideas will come to you.
    - Making beautiful quilts from scraps feels rewarding.

  3. yay....someone else who shops like me!!!...Christmas shopping can be so difficult....fabric soothes all stresses away! How clever is Leah??...wonderful quilt...inspires me to take a look at my scraps!
    'o) Wendy B

  4. Christmas is breathing down my neck too - we can't afford to buy gifts this year so ALL THE PRESSURE is on me. I may skip it, lol. Maybe I'll run away to somewhere with palm trees.

    What a stunning quilt - makes me regret getting rid of my scraps! I'm so bad about putting fabrics together though, I'd never be able to make something like this from scraps.
    Thanks for the shout-out, Paulette - you're a sweetie!

  5. Leah's quilt is gorgeous..
    Christmas is creeping up so fast..
    I never know what to buy, and usually leave it till the last couple of days...then before you know's all over!
    Julia ♥

  6. Don't stress, just quilt. I adore the charity quilt from scraps! quite beautiful and made with such loving care. Christmas is a time to catch up, don't worry about presents, How about making some small items like table mats or mug holders or coasters? You could quilt them! doing two things at once, Quilting and Christmas at the same time. Theme them for the recipients,

  7. Just because they aren't nearby, doesn't mean they can't help. Get them to pick out things for each other that you order over the internet. That way you can still pick their brains for ideas and you don't have to fight the crowd at the mall! Lots of stores have online shopping available.

  8. Hope you are not getting too stressed there is always gift vouchers as a last resort, the quilt is really nice
    Hugs Janice

  9. Internet shopping - that's my answer now. When my daughter moved away I really hated Christmas shopping cos we always did it together. Now we both dislike all the crowds and noise in the city if we go, so I do it all now from my laptop. Much easier. I get each member of the family to write a letter to Santa (yep, adults too) then I can go through and pick things. That way it's all still surprises, cos we're all big kids like that here!

  10. Stunning quilt from a bag of scraps. I love this quilt.

  11. I am beginning to be stressed also, Christmas is just around the corner!!!