Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter Solstice…the Grand Finale!!

Well…this is it gang…Winter Solstice finished or almost finished!  The Sew A-Long Gang all agreed that this was a fun, fast and easy project to make…and very of course, very SWEET!

So on with the show…

Here’s Glynis’ Winter Solstice…finished and gorgeous!


And it’s a finish for Claire’s!  Claire opted for a plain wide blue border and it looks striking!

unnamed (4)

Seattle Judy’s Winter Solstice is magnificent!

seattle judy WS

Sandy (no blog) added green checkerboard to hers and it looks wonderful!!  Doesn’t the green make the trees pop!  And I LOVE those pink polk-a-dot socks!

sandy WS

Here’s Julie’s (no blog)!  If you remember Julie was late starting her quilt but she is moving along at a nice clip and it is looking spectacular!!

image (11)

And here’s mine…all done!  Now to figure out how to quilt it! I am so happy with it and certainly don’t want to screw it up now! haha


Another thing that  we agreed on is that having a Winter Solstice Quilt Along kept us motived and on track…and FIVE of us (almost six) reached completion!  Wow!  Those are pretty impressive odds!

Now let’s check up on the participating bloggers who are also making their version of Winter Solstice…come on how did you do?

So far, I have only heard from Stitching Between the Lines Blog and Tin TeePee/Log Cabin blog… but I’m sure that there are more ‘out there’??

Stitching between the Lines got her lambs done and man, are they  sweet! Pam is also saying that the border and quilting will be done by the actual Winter Solstice!  Can’t wait to see how she quilts it!!  So stay tuned!

Tin TeePee/Log Cabin Blog, Janna, managed to get her checkerboard border partway finished!  Right now Janna has been VERY busy flying here, there and everywhere!  I’m shocked that she got THIS much done!!!  Kudos to you, Janna!  Your quilt is on the home stretch and will be finished before you know it!  AND might I add, it is looking spectacular!!

A special thank you to those of you out in BLOGLAND who have been cheering us on each month as we continued to build and stitch our little farms…we really appreciated it!!

Remember, it’s never too late to make one for yourself…

You can find the pattern in this book…an oldie but a goodie!


And this is the pattern…


Have a FUN Friday and have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!~P


  1. OMG...they are magnificent and I am kicking myself for not joinging in!!! So what's next boss???

  2. THANKS Paulette for grabbing my blog link for me--I had pre-written the blog and was going to get up early this morning and send you a link but I slept in a little longer than I usually do! I am LOVING how the little quilt has turned out and hope to get those sheeps stitched down on the way home Saturday.

  3. Hanging my head in little quilt is not finished! It's closer than it was but, due to circumstances totally beyond my control...well, sort of in my control...uh, partly in my finish will be in November or December. I'm usually so good at these things...sigh....

  4. They are all great! I am always amazed how a little change in fabric can alter the look and feel of a quilt. Great job to everyone.

  5. I am like Bev...great intentions, bought the book, organized fabric but life intervened. I love all of them...and thank you for being such a positive cheerleader!!! Someday.....I will get it done.

  6. Congratulations on a super duper finish! Your quilt, and all the quilts, are gorgeous. I am so glad you inspired those gals...yes, it is still on my bucket list!

  7. Gorgeous finishes! Thanks for organizing and posting it. I didn't get to work on mine, but it is on my bucket list.

  8. Congrats on the great finishes! Way to keep each other motivated.:)

  9. They all turned out sew cute. Way to go Ladies.

    Happy Halloween.

  10. Beautiful job ladies! I need to put this one on my list also. Sadly, this is the last day for the Country Threads shop...they are closing their doors. I love the look of their quilts and their patterns, too. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Those are some really wonderful quilts. I just love how all of them turned out. I love the mix of wool and the homespun.
    Paulette, you are a good cheerleader. Thanks all of you for sharing your beautiful work.

  12. Wow, they all turned out wonderful! Now I wish I had played along with you. There's something about quilting with friends and being accountable that makes these quilt a longs so productive!

  13. Love seeing all the different versions, and i really like the blue border, gives it a whole new look and feel.


  14. I love them all! Great job ladies! I may have to get that book.

  15. what a wonderful collection of the one design all looking different well done all you ladies good job well done as they say

  16. Interesting seeing all the different fabrics that the group used for their quilt tops.

  17. What a great pattern, and every one of them is gorgeous. Gotta love the power of group sewing!

  18. Wish I had joined in the fun!! I'll have to be on the lookout for the book. They are all gorgeous, love the checkered borders!! Happy stitching!!

  19. I love each and every one, couldn't pick a fav. Did you get tired of trees?i have my fabrics picked and the first barns cut so I have t given up , entirely? Would love to see how they are quilted too.