Friday, October 10, 2014

Felting Friday…

My friend, Claire, had a MAJOR UFO busting week!!  This wool needle felted runner had been sitting in a plastic tote for far too long…


This is heirloom material…drop dead gorgeous!  The pattern is from Heart to Hand and can be found HERE.


This is not a wool applique project but rather is NEEDLE FELTED… where you take wool roving (wispy threads of wool) and a special barbed, felting needle and push the roving through the wool background, a few bits at a time, until you form a picture.  It produces a much softer wool look.  Then you go back and embellish with embroidery. 

The pattern that Claire used is called ‘Christmas Sampler’.  As Claire demonstrated, you don’t have to stick to the pattern, but can tailor make it to suit your table!


Heart to Hand also has a ‘Springtime Sampler’…very sweet!


And an ‘Autumn Sampler’…adorable! 


Revisiting these project has makes me want to break out my tub of wool roving!!  Such gorgeous projects…and all of them can be found HERE!! 

Your runner is gorgeous, Claire!!  Thanks for sharing and getting us all fired up!!  Now where did I put my felting needle? :o))

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. the runner gets my vote too well done Claire

  2. Claire, you have a beautiful runner that looks gorgeous on your dining table. Can hardly wait to see it close up.

  3. Does Claire have a Bernina sewing machine? I will talk with you later about why I am asking.

  4. I love what she did with it and i do have that pattern.
    A friend bought it and didn't realize it was for needle felting, so maybe I will reinvent mine. I was thinking of doing penny ornies with the single designs.


  5. Haven't done that technique but I do love those patterns! blessings, marlene