Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GOOD Things Come In Small Packages!

My friend, Delores has been plugging away on this wee penny for months!  It WAS her Heritage project…to be hand stitched while she chit chatted to those around her at Heritage Quilting.  We all cheered when she stitched in that last French knot!  She persevered and got ‘er done!


This wee wool penny is small but mighty…and dang sweet!!  Delores used only two colours of wool…off white and a creamy taupe and she used a cream colour DMC embroidery floss for her stitching.


Magnificent!  I put my wool thread in the center of the penny so that you could SEE how tiny this penny rug is!


The good news is…I own the pattern!  I knew that YOU would want the name of this pattern so I needed to hunt up the pattern!…and that turned out to be a breeze to find because I have all of my patterns in LABELLED Binders.  Seriously Binders are the way to go to organize your patterns. Within minutes I had this…


I remember buying this in the Primitive Gatherings Booth at Road to California…they had a sample of it made up and of course they KNEW that once you saw this sweet penny in the flesh, that you would naturally BUY the pattern!!  It’s called marketing!


I love marketing…don’t YOU?!

One tip that Delores shared with us, was to use the Fons and Porter White Marking pencil…it worked great on the black wool to mark the vines!  I find that this has always been a huge problem when stitching on black wool…so I am now on the hunt for a Fons and Porter Pen!!  I may ‘someday’ actually get this wee penny made!!

Thanks for sharing, Delores!  You are such an inspiration!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and happy stitching!~P


  1. That is adorable! I've started the Love Entwined coverlet that is a huge applique project that thousands of people are doing...literally like 4800 people in the Yahoo group. The overwhelming favorite for white marking pen is the Clover White Marking Fine Pen. Amazon has them for $6.75. I haven't tried it yet because I'm so sadly poor but everyone in the group raves about it! XO

  2. Beautiful....beautiful....beautiful.....

  3. Such a very lovely wool penny rug indeed!

  4. Beautiful penny! I love the colors she chose.

  5. I have used both marking pens and the Clover one is far superior.
    Both are sold @ JoAnn's. It works wonderful on black. Oops, forgot you have to wait till you go south to shop @ JoAnn's.

  6. Such a cute pattern! So I thought I would check my binder and guess what? I have it too!!

  7. Great tip to store the patterns in a binder. Cute little mat too.

  8. I also like the Clover white marking pen, in fact I've almost finished one and am glad I can get them on sale at a local fabric shop on long weekend for half price.

    I've used it on both wool and black cotton with great success. Just use a steam iron to removed the lines. If you can hold your iron above the fabric you can just steam off the marks and not iron them off.

    Nicely stitched oroject Delores.

  9. Yes, it is beautiful! Reminds me of honeysuckle. Great job, Delores! Thanks for the photos. :D

  10. When I first started reading your post, I thought she had given the mat to you as a gift. Not that you would be making your own! It is oh so nice. Sort of neutral looking.

  11. That is a beautiful mat and love the colors. I do love their patterns.


  12. Can you tell me what type of page protector things you use to store you patterns?? That looks way more user friendly than what I am using.

  13. That is really darling - I cannot tell you how sad it makes me that I'm allergic to wool!!! I'm drooling all over every wool project I see, and the scads of it in shops everywhere. *sob*

  14. what a cutie look forward to seeing your and that is a handy tip re the pen

  15. your stitching is over the top beautiful your work and photos touch our souls