Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prepping a Wool Project…

OK…enough fooling around!  Let’s get down to some wool work!  I need to prep some projects to do while we head down south this year! 

FYI…if you are new to my blog, hubby and I pack the RV (with wool and quilting projects:) and head down south to the Palm Springs area for THREE months of SUN and FUN!  We have great house sitters who moves into our house to look after things.  (Normally this couple lives in a basement suite of their kids’ house…we pay them to move into our house.  We consider it a win-win situation for both of us!  They earn a few bucks and get their own house for the winter and we drive away without a second thought to our house and possessions!  This year we are leaving in December, which sounds like a long ways off but you know how time flies…in a blink of the eye we will be pulling out…and I NEED to be prepared!  Looks like I got a little side tracked…:o))

Anyways, wool work is the easiest and most portable project to work on while driving down the freeway in our truck and it is the most forgiving!  If my stitches are ‘rough’ I can always say that I am going for the PRIM look!

This morning I am going to show you how I prep a simple wool project…

I have reversed my pattern pieces and traced them onto the smooth side of Heat and Bond Lite.  I then ironed the H & B onto the back of my wool  and using the trace lines as a guide I cut out the wool shapes.  (I use Heat and Bond Lite to stabilize the wool and keep it from fraying).

I get out my package of Mylar…a clear sheet of plastic. 


I lay the piece of Mylar/clear plastic on top of my pattern layout sheet (look closely…can you see the piece of plastic…see the reflection of my over head lamp?)  and begin to place the wool pieces where they are suppose to go…


I pull off the Heat and Bond backing and place the pieces onto the Mylar and pattern layout sheet….


When everything is in place…I take Roxanne’s Glue…


and glue everything into place.  A little dab will do you!


There everything is in place…now I can put my mylar plastic and wool pieces somewhere safe while the glue dries! I just pick it up and move it…freeing up my work space!


When it’s dry, I can lift off the whole shebang and place it ….


…on the backing fabric.


Then using Roxanne’s glue and a little dab will do you, I glue it into place!


No pins are needed!  When the glue is dry, it will go into a tote with needle, scissors, and threads, all ready for me to stitch while traveling!  This wee lamb will be one part of a Christmas table topper that I am making.  This is a pretty simple wool applique project but you can see that if you have a lot of wee wool pieces, the Mylar on top of the layout sheet helps you to place each piece of wool in the correct spot.  Nothing is worse than getting things glued down wonky…unless of course, you are going for the PRIM look! haha

This sheep pattern is called ‘Daffi Dancing’ by Applepatch Designs… but as I said, I am using it in a Christmas table topper with other Christmas motifs…I’ll be showing you more as I go!  You can find Applepatch patterns HERE…and they are sweet!!  As you can see it’s more of a Spring design…


Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thank you for this!! I am working on my first ever wool project. I started the embroidery part last night and have been contemplating how to applique the wool. This is so helpful.

  2. Interesting how you prep your project. I use the Heat 'n Bond also but not the Mylar. I place a paper design sheet on my light table with the background fabric over that. I generally can see through enough to get the shapes where they belong. But if I use a wool background, you can't see through. I can see how the Mylar would come in handy for that.

  3. Great Idea using the Mylar. We will be starting our migration next week. Finished packing all my projects last night. This will be the first time we will gone for 5 months! Thanks for your tutorial.

  4. Cute pattern, and you make it look so easy! Wow not leaving til December? You'll be so ready to go by then!

  5. Nice tutorial, i always enjoy seeing how people prep.
    Adorable little lamb!


  6. That is such a fun piece and that is smart to prep things ahead of time. Very nice to have someone you can trust to watch your home so you can relax.


  7. Thanks for the tut. I always learn something when people share.

  8. What a nice way to spend the winter, sun, fun and playing with wool rather than wearing it.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I have never used the Heat and Bond or glue method. I just use freezer paper and pins, but I am going to a wool class this weekend and was told to bring the Heat and Bond lite. Thanks for your information!

  10. What a great little pattern and a great idea for transferring your complete shape to the backing. If it is done using heat and bond, could the lamb be fused in place on the backing instead of gluing?

  11. Thank you for a great tutorial! Adorable pattern! I just ordered some wool and will try out your method soon.

  12. Nice tip for getting your pattern in place but why use both Heat 'n Bond and glue. I usually use one or the other. When using glue I use freezer paper for pattern pieces. Always looking for a better why of doing things.

    Sandy - Redding, CA

  13. What a sweet little sheep...I love it! :0)

  14. good to see the method you have used here, not a technique I have tried. Sounds ideal heading for the sun and avoiding winter

  15. It's good to know that other people prepare projects to take away with them. That sheep is really cute, I'm looking forward to seeing what you put with it.


  16. Thanks for demonstrating your Mylar technique. Appears to work very nicely. You've got me wishing for a wool stitching project! November is nearly upon is and won't be long before you'll be packed and heading off to CA. I fly into Palm Springs when I fly out to visit my mother...I'd rather drive now that we have the time. So, what's next for the winter travel collection?