Friday, October 24, 2014

My Christmas Skirt…

The other day I was leafing through this magazine…it’s called ‘Magic Patch’…an older issue of the Australian magazine that I found in my ‘travels’.


Well…as I was leafing through it, I came to THIS PAGE…well the Heavens opened and heavenly music began playing…I swear!! It stopped me in my tracks!  I loved this table topper…I loved the shape of it and the ‘idea’ of the appliqued motifs (not necessarily THOSE motifs…), I also loved the multi coloured stars embroidered on the whole thing to tie each section together and the crazy stitching between each section!  I had to make this one!


It called for fabric that is already quilted…and I had a light bulb moment!  I had bought a bundle of pre-quilted fabric while at the Hemet ‘Boutique’ this year!  Do you remember their FILL A BAG FOR $1?  Yup…this piece got stuffed into my bag!  So I pulled it out of my stash and…it’s perfect!!…it was a HUGE piece and I liked it better than the magazine fabric!  Eureka!  But it is white…SNOW WHITE!  I did the burn test to see if the fabric was actually cotton and could be dyed…and sure enough it was the real deal!!


So I brewed up a batch of tea…


Ooops!  Get those tea bags out of there!  I also added our morning coffee left overs!


And then left it outside to set…


I LOVED the mottled colour but hated the tea/coffee smell…so off to the wash machine it went…then the dryer!


Here’s a picture before it got washed.  Perfect and the washing just softened the colour up a bit. 


I used the template in the magazine and cut out the wedges…don’t you love the subtle mottling…


The first one to get a wedgie is my Christmas Lamb…She will eventually have a Christmas wreath stitched around her neck…


The stocking was hung by the lamb with care


…notice the motifs are still on the Mylar (clear plastic) so that they can be repositioned later…)


I had to have Frosty!


And I had this sweet pattern with tumbling gingerbread men…


So of course they went on…(I will embroider the garland later…cute!)


And I gave Santa a wedgie too!:o)


It’s growing…


Next came a poinsettia… taken from a Primitive Gathering pattern!


And a Christmas Tree…


YIKES!!  SEE the spots on the blank wedge (upper left)…those are REAL PAW prints!!  We just got back from our hike and Rylie was inspecting my work!  It’s all good….the fabric IS mottled and a motif of Rylie is going on that wedge!  It’s only fitting that paw prints should grace her wedge! haha… I just need to take the pattern to Staples to expand it to the correct size! 


So there you have it so far…Last night I slid each motif off of the Mylar and glued them down, ready for stitching!


A giant star will be appliqued over the centre points and I’m sure more ‘stuff’ will be added as I go!


Like the HO HO HO…that got added as I watched TV last night!


This will be my hand stitching project while driving down south this Winter.  I am a nervous passenger(YIKES to those Freeways!!)…so this will keep my eyes off the road and onto my work and for this my hubby is VERY thankful! :o)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. This is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Love it! And it's all wool applique? Nice! It's going to be beautiful. Have fun!

  3. Wow! I love it. What a score you got with that already quilted piece of fabric. Looks like a very good project for that trip south.

  4. Love your new project! I also wool appliqué, but I have never used mylar. Where do you buy it? Thanks!

  5. It's going to be adorable. Love all the motifs but you know my heart went pitter-patter when I saw the tumbling gingerbread men. :-)

  6. Well now aren't you just the clever one. Talk about running with an idea and improving it ...soooo cute.

  7. You really took the idea and "ran with it". It's going to be fabulous!!!!

  8. Fantastic! Love how you created the perfect fabric and made the pattern your own with such cute designs. Bet the time will fly for you!

  9. Good job! How big is the finish piece. Ya know, it could easy become a tree skirt also.

  10. You did a really good job with the dying and the creations of those nice patterns, congratulations, it will be wonderful!

  11. Wow, your creativeness is amazing. That will be a very precious piece when completed. Becki

  12. I love your energy! What a great project to keep you distracted from the traffic. I can't believe you got it ready for stitching so quickly!

  13. I love this. It would make a great tree skirt as well. I'm with you when it comes to getting nervous on travel days. I read a book to keep myself from watching the traffic. I know Kevin appreciates it too!

  14. Your Tree skirt is going to be GORGEOUS!!

  15. What a great project! I also get very nervous on the freeways. I recently started a hexagon project that I work on while we travel. I normally get motion sickness when I try to do something while on the road but for some reason I can stitch hexies. I wish I had discovered this years ago. Have a great trip.

  16. Brilliant! I love it.

    I am a dreadful passenger so I drive. I'm missing out on stitching time! But then again, I'm horrible at navigating as well.


  17. Congratulations on your redesign of the project. It is going to be lovely. Lovely job on the coffee/tea tinting.

    Have fun stitching while driving...being the driver I've never had the chance to do that.

  18. Just love the table topper.....I have a question do you iron the sheep down onto the background since you have heat and bond on it.....or are you only using it to keep it from fraying......

  19. That is such a fun idea, never thought to use it like that. I use the black for the back of hand tied quilts, my lazy way of making them;)


  20. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project! Love your work.

  21. Oh my goodness this is brilliant - LOVE the mottled effect - love the appliques - I'm looking forward to seeing this one done, Paulette! You sure work fast, girl!

  22. Great project! The appliqués are so cute. Can't wait to see this one finished.

  23. what a fantastic job you have done here, first I love the tea dyed quilted fabric and the applique you have done is wonderful

  24. You're so smart!! Your finished project is going to be perfect for Christmas. Maybe you should start designing and writing patterns? I love to follow your So Cal travels,

  25. Oh, I like the idea of the pre-quilted fabric for the project. The wool designs so cute. Are you going to stitch it now or on your trip?

  26. Hello, great job!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your process as well; you make it look so simple but this kind of ease can only come from experience!
    Note: Magic Patch is a French magazine, published by Editions de Saxe but they have now an English version (just like Quiltmania). Some of their designs, though, come from all over the world, hence perhaps your reference to Australia.

  27. What a great skirt, and I'm excited for you that you could use up a piece from your stash. Clever girl to tea/coffee dye it - it makes all the difference. Your road trip will be much more fun with this to turn your attention to.