Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Wedding Quilt…

With the rainy weather finally here, I can be found huddled up in my sewing room… attacking ‘The Wedding Signature Quilt’!  TbMgW-0419e-X2 

You may remembered that my daughter got married this summer. 


Instead of signing a guest book, we asked the guests to sign scraps of fabric which would be added to the quilt blocks…


Maggie and Toby picked Kate Spain’s new line of fabric called “Horizon”…gorgeous fabric..It had all of the wedding colours in it plus a dash of the mountain views…greens, blues.  This fabric was so ‘hot off the racks’ that it wasn’t even out yet…so we pre-ordered it and it arrived last month…and let me tell you it was PERFECT!


So let me burst that wedding bubble and take you to mama sewing in the sweat shop…:o) where I formed the blocks…Maggie chose a simple pattern…


…and we let the fabric sing!  I absolute LOVE the fabrics…they are light and airy and happy!  (Could there be a modern quilter hiding in my soul??)


I have more rows to go but it is taking shape…and I think the newly weds are going to love it!!


So back into the sweat shop for ME!  And bring back that wedding bubble…


With lots of sweet, sweet memories…


of a very beautiful day!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. They are beautiful, fresh fabrics. At this rate, you'll be done in a flash! Lots of happy memories there. :D

  2. This is a great pattern, and will show those fabrics and signatures at their best. Love the colours, and love the idea. This pattern also looks great for scraps.

  3. Lots of love went into this wedding.

  4. A memory quilt if ever there is one

  5. I love how you had them sign the fabric and the quilt you making. That is going to be such special moment for them to enjoy and pass down to their children.


  6. Out of curiosity since I need to do a signature quilt for DNS wedding next summer , how big did u make the signing block ? I am in a quandary as to size I should cut......thanks Paulette

  7. What a wonderful wedding quilt that is n the .making. I bought a layer cake of Horizon so I know how gorgeous the fabric is. They will love it!

  8. Congratulations on tackling this loving reminder of their wedding day.

    Don't know about you but after a cloudy start there was a gorgeous sunny day on this side of the water.

  9. Fabulous fabrics! What a great way to remember the wedding.

  10. That is a brilliant idea. Love the fabrics and the layout!

  11. what a wonderful quilt to have as a memory for a most special day.

  12. What a wonderful quilt to be working on! What a beautiful wedding.

  13. What a wonderful idea! That quilt will be hung at their anniversary parties, I'm sure! You're such a sweet mom! XO

  14. That is wonderful! Such a terrific idea!!

  15. Beautiful! I love it! I did this for two of my sisters when they got married!