Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Market…

To Market…to the Duncan Farmer’s Market I went yesterday! 


With the Market’s "you make it, you bake it, you grow it, you sell it" philosophy - you will find a wide variety of local products to fulfill your every need…and then some!!

There are over 120 venders selling their wares on two closed off streets….

Copy of P1140942

Let me show you just a small selection of ‘stuff’ that you can buy…Tons of plants and bouquets of flowers…

Copy of Copy of P1140946  Produce…

Copy of P1140943

Make that fresh picked Organic produce…

Copy of P1140948


Copy of P1140944

Willow Furniture…

Copy of P1140945

A market wouldn’t be complete without didjeridoos…hand made from wood or PVC pipes…and covered with FABRIC…  Copy of P1140952 Copy of P1140954

I think the fog must be rolling in…I hear a fog horn!

Copy of P1140955

I wonder how many he sold??

Copy of P1140956

This artist was demonstrating Needle Felting with Wool Roving…

Copy of P1140959 Copy of P1140960  And she was selling these sweet little guys…

Copy of P1140962

The monkey lady (Gail) had a wall of friends…so CUTE!!

Copy of P1140965

A rack of hand made aprons…complete with matching rubber gloves…straight out of The Desperate Housewives set…        P1140972

Our own local honey that is wonderful!!  No wonder we are all so sweet here in our little valley!!  :o)


Tons of vendors selling home baking….


And handmade BUTTONS!!


Let’s zoom in for a close-up….  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Can’t you see them on a bag or on a special quilt…


and look at her pottery…LOVE it!

P1140979  So NOW you can say that you have been to the Duncan Farmer’s Market and you didn’t spend a cent!!  Wish I could say that!!

On the Quilting Front~

You know how I have been working on THESE sweet little apple cores~ image Well yesterday an anonymous reader sent me a link to Sue Daley’s Blog where Sue is giving a tutorial on Apple Cores…USING GLUE!!  And let me tell you it looks slick…

So I whipped to the store and bought this~


I know it’s paper glue but it says it also works with fabric and is washable…and it’s all they had.

So I tried Sue’s method on one core…see her tutorial HERE.  Instead of stitching down the sides you glue down the two rounded edges and then later glue the inward curved flap to the top of the next core…see her tutorial.   Wow!!  It was fast and easy!!  And the shape of the apple core was nice and tight!!  Looking good so far…

I left the core to dry…and a few hours later I went to remove the paper…what a MESS!!  No way can I use this glue…so now I am on the hunt for Sue’s glue (Sewline Glue Pen…it’s PINK)…because if this glue works it will save hours…no DAYS of work!!  Sue also has a tutorial on the Sewling Glue Pen HERE…and she removes the paper after the glue has dried and the shapes are stitched together.


Has anyone used this glue before?  We want to know all about it!!  Is it as good as Sue says it is….??  Can you remove the fabric from the paper template without the fabric fraying and the paper coming out in chunks?  WE WANT TO KNOW??

Have a Super Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

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  1. I've been to that market once or twice, my inlaws live at Lake Cowichan. It's a really good one, I've always loved the willow furniture. I know someone that uses Sue's glue and loves it. I'd like to give it a try as well.

  2. I was just checking out Spun Sugar Quilts blog and she has a tutorial on paper piecing the apple core. She uses the Sewline Glue Stick and seems to like it quite well. I've never done any paper piecing or used a glue stick, so I'm not much help. Never been to the Duncan Farmers Market but think I will try to get there quite soon. It looks like there are a lot of wonderful things to see and eat. Isn't there a quilt store there as well?

  3. That looks like a fun market to go to, we are getting lots of rain, but we need it, so not complaining. I watched that video again and I get it, now if I can just get it while I am sewing, lol.


  4. Hi Pauline, Just wanted to pass on some info about Sue Daly's technique of using glue for English Paper Piecing. I finished one of Sue's projects for a store sample and used the Sew LIne glue pen and the paper pieces that came with her pattern. The glue was terrific. I was using hexagon pieces and diamonds for the project. The glue held the fabric nicely around the paper for the entire project and popped out with little effort when I was done. I would use this process in a heartbeat. Check out her patterns. They are awesome......Sandi

  5. I was curious about the fabric glue too. The tutorial I was looking at used Tombo's Mono Aqua glue. It was on Madame Samm's Stash Manicure blog here:
    I found that glue in store much easier than the Sewline brand which I still can't find. I have no idea if they are equal or comparable.
    Here is where she has a link to purchase it from Quilt Taffy's Etsy shop.
    Hope you find one of these to work with because it looks so much easier!!

  6. Hi Pauline,

    Have you considered using a paintbrush and painting on spray starch and ironing it dry? I like that method for freezer paper applique. Once the starch has dried you can pop off the paper pieces and reuse them. I've not tried it for English Paper Piecing but think you could probably stitch them together and then pop the pieces out.

    Cheers on the great weather we're having.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  7. Wonderful Market! We have a farmer's market that is pretty good but you know, the grass is always greener.
    xx, Carol

  8. i have used this glue stick & it is amazing. would not use anything else.
    kim from san diego

  9. I've never used the glue pen but I like that you test these things out for us ahead of time! lol

    I really love the homemade buttons! would be great on quilted purses!

  10. What a large market! Much bigger than the one I was at on Gabriola yesterday....

  11. love the sock monkey!!!..did you get out of there with all your money intact?..and yes you are 'supersweet' no honey necessary!!

  12. Had a hard time finding the Sewline glue pen but did find one in Fabricland that is made by Fons and Porter. It is the same shape and size and works great. Currently working with 1/4" hexagons and have had no problems removing the paper. Did tear a couple but have been able to reuse them over and over.

  13. Sylvia O in LangleyAugust 7, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    Hi there
    I am working on Sue Daley's pies and tarts quilt and the gluestick is wonderful. I tried the Fons and Porter one but did not find it worked as well as the Moda one. I had to purchase the Moda ones online from Hancocks of Paducah but also saw them for sale at the Fat Quarter Shop. They save time, give sharp edges for joining and allow you to use the papers over and over again. I have no trouble removing the papers even if the foundations have been glued weeks before and there is no stickiness. Definitely one of those notions I would highly recommend.

  14. I have used that glue pen and think it's great. There are 2 downsides though. One, they don't last long (although you can buy refills) and two, cos the glue is squidgy (think playdough on a very hot day), it's easy to use too much and get it all round the outside of the pen. Neither of these are problems that have stopped me using it though.

  15. I use the Sewline Glue stick on all my applique projects and love it! You know the phrase, "A little dab will do ya." (I'm showing my age!)

  16. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I will have to try that glue stick!

  17. Looks like a fun farmers market. The buttons are wonderful and the pottery great. Who knows when one might need a didjeridoo?

  18. That looks like a super market - no pun intended - love those buttons!

  19. What a wonderful market! I think I need to make a road trip! Those buttons were gorgeous.

  20. It seems that this glue is a must have.