Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Craziness…

It’s a crazy world out there…especially CRAZY if you attended the Cloth Castle’s Crazy Quilt Show! 

Now I was a little disappointed to hear that it was a smaller show than usual with fewer entries…but man I was not disappointed with the quilts displayed!!  There were some INCREDIBLE quilts!!  Such talented quilters are in our midst! 

Let me show you a small sampling…

We will start off the show with a little Crazy Velvet and Lace Christmas Stocking…I’m sure it was made for a Quilter…look at the little scissors and buttons stitched on…Very cute!


My pictures of this quilt DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!  GORGEOUS!  Talk about hours and hours…NO, more like months and months of work..obviously a labour of love!  Apparently (quilters were talking..)this quilt will be featured in Ricky Timms’ magazine as the quilter used his threads..


Let’s zoom in for a close-up…the stitching is a combination of hand and machine with all kinds of fabrics being used!P1150147 P1150148

I also loved this little wall hanging…see the craziness in the middle…


Let’s zoom in for a closer look…Vandi cleaned out her memento box and stitched all of her cherished memorabilia onto it…some of the things are over 100 years old!!  Look at Grandma’s cameo on the top left…NOW we ALL have treasures like this…in a box…somewhere..??  When we ‘GO’ you know what will happen to this stuff…yup…chucked, given away, GONE!!  Not Vandi’s…hers has a special place of honour…with lots of stories behind each little button, key, broach, pendant…LOVE IT!!


Look at this old Crazy Scrap quilt…reminds me of the one my mother made!  And like hers, this one looks well used and well loved too!


Again my pictures do NOT do this wall hanging justice!!  Made out of silk…gorgeous!


Some close-ups for you…P1150153 P1150154 P1150155

A machine embroidered dragon …loved the crazy border on this quilt!!


Isn’t this the sweetest Whimsical Quilt…fussy cut the snowman in the middle of the block and work your way around…I have lots of Whimsical Fabric…as I’m sure YOU do too!!  Now we know what to do with it!!  VERY sweet!!



This is Natasha’s Wool Crazy mat…super cute!!  I LOVE the way she has put words onto it…Natasha is a machine embroider extraordinaire…and she has taken that skill and applied it to this quilt!  Just love it!! 

P1150159 Maybe…just maybe..I AM HOPING this little quilt will inspire more WOOL CRAZIES to jump on the band wagon!!  NO one works with wool around here as none of the Quilt Shops sell wool!  :o( I bet if this little quilt was hung up in the Cloth Castle with a display of wool under it, (and JoAnn’s Wool Crazy Book) that the wool would fly right off the shelves!!  Just sayin’….P1150160

AGAIN this picture does NOT do this sweet wall hanging justice!!  This quilt was entirely made up of old silk ties!!  Stunning…and such little snippets of ties!! YIKES!!  Wouldn’t this make a great retirement gift for the ‘suit and tie’ guys out there…


Memory quilts…which were a formal type of craziness …VERY nice.. and I would like to know the story behind them!

P1150163  Do you think this Crazy Quilter wanted a keep sake of a fantastic holiday??  A perfect way to do it!

P1150165  I wish this picture turned out better…it’ a Crazy Chicken complete with Crazy Eggs!!  So Sweet and it made you…chuckle!!


What is Crazier than the Cat In The Hat?  Why a Cat in The Cat Quilt of course!!  What child would not LOVE this crazy quilt!!


Now this is just a snippet of the show…it may have been small but it was mighty…and CRAZY FOR SURE!!  Next years’ theme is RED AND WHITE QUILTS!!  Can’t wait!!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Those crazy quilts are so fun, what a lot of work!!
    A crazy quilt is on my list of "someday" projects

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the show :)

  3. Wonderful crazy quilts, I do love them and wish I had more time and patience to make nice ones, but they do take a lot of time in the stitching.


  4. The tour of the Crazy quilt show was wonderful! Thank you for a crazy treat!

  5. Awesome show Paulette.... crazy quilts have always seemed so difficult to me, but the creativeness is so individual and so amazing. Thanks for posting these!

  6. Beautiful and crazy at the same time! Thanks for tsking us to the show.

  7. NO ONE WORKS~WITH WOOL!!!! oh you poor thing! thank you for the quilt show...I loved #11!!!

  8. CRAZY!! Great quilts. I know we had a crazy quilt when I was growing up...but my Mom said she didn't remember it at all. She must have forgotten because I remember the spider and web in one corner and all the fantastic stitches. Wish I knew what happened to it.

  9. AMAZING quilts - love the Paris themed one!