Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Birthday Book…

I met Claire, the Birthday Girl, for lunch yesterday and look at what she brought with her…


It’s Yoko Saito’s new book ‘Past and Present..My Quilting Life’ and it is STUNNING!!  Claire received birthday money from her family so she splurged and bought this book!  This book is not cheap (Over $60 plus shipping) but it is hard cover and thick…over 200 pages and FULL of eye candy…and it’s hard to put a price on eye candy, isn’t it ladies!! :o)


Let me show you a couple of pages…just check out this hexagon quilt…hexagons all around the quilt with split/fence rail in the middle…and the wonky border…gorgeous!


I would LOVE to see this quilt in REAL LIFE!  Look at each star…it’s like looking through a snow frosted window…inside each star is an appliquéd house or barn with lots of little details…exquisite!!


And look at this bag…I would never make it…(NEVER say NEVER!!~ smack!!) but LOOK at the baskets…perfection…and LOOK at the embroidered flowers…LOVE the idea of the beige silhouette of flowers coming out of the basket.  This is something that we could easily incorporate into any basket quilt!


Now check this out… can’t you see this hanging on the wall in a baby/child’s room… LOOK at how the animals are hanging from the corners and peering from around the corner…oh and hanging from the SUN- just spotted that one!!  I LOVE THIS QUILT!!  SEW unique!!


   And it’s not just one or two projects that are wonderful…they are ALL STUNNING and different!!P1150053 Now I KNOW what I want for my birthday…such a LOOOONNNNNGGG wait…!

This is Yoko’s dog…cute or what!!  Looks like they have penny rugs in Japan!!  My kind of country!  :o)


Hope your Birthday was a happy one, CLAIRE!!  We don’t have to ask if you liked your present!  :o)

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS  You can buy this book at Quiltmania Online Shop


  1. Oh! How I wish we could get the Quilt Mania books in the stores's beautiful. Claire is one lucky Birthday Girl.

  2. What a great book, but that is soo expensive.

  3. wowsers. I want the book and fabric to go with each design for my bd which is next month much are you good for? hahaha
    greed is a terrible thing and coupled with envy - double whammie. Seriously, took my breath away. think the basket bag is totally doable though.

  4. Great book! Are you going to be able to join us today for the Christmas Quilt Along? I am hosting and am actually in the building this time!!

  5. Wow what a lovely book. I can see why she had to have it. Happy Birthday Claire.

  6. I saw that on their site and I really want that one, lol.
    I will hold out and hope it comes up cheaper on ebay, later on.


  7. I"ve been drooling over that book ever since I saw it for sale thru Quiltmania. I may just have to break down and get it for myself for xmas!