Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Simple as ABC!

Brandie from ABC Blog has out done herself with the grand finale to her Little Basket Quilt Tutorial…Just look at her finished quilt!!  Amazing, isn’t it!!

image Not only did Brandie show us how to put on the sashing and cornerstones but also how to add piping and scallops!!  This has got to be the sweetest quilt… Thanks SEW much, Brandie for taking the time to make this wonder tutorial!!  Make sure you hurry over to ABC to see the end of the tutorial…I guarantee that you will learn a lot!!

I’m a little embarrassed to show you what I have done towards making my little basket quilt…P1150118I got all the fabric cut out, the handles prepped and handles pinned…ready for hand appliqué…P1150117 But I’m afraid that I had to put all these little pieces into a box..JUST FOR NOW! whenever I put ANYTHING into a box I always have this fear…ANOTHER UFO in the making…but this box is staying front and centre…on my cutting table…willing me to return!!

I do have a GOOD EXCUSE for not finishing…I have started a ‘secret’ project… which I will tell you all about at a later date…geeze I HATE secrets…! P1150120

And of course when one quilt comes off the frame…another MUST go on!

P1150121 I love this Winter Quilt…I made blocks out of strips cut from the 1 1/2” strip GO! Fabric Cutter and I am hand quilting this when I watch TV in the family room.  Right now Mr. Sweet P and I are getting caught up in the Dexter series…currently working on Season 3!  It’s a great way to work through a series especially in the Summer when there is nothing on TV. 


I auditioned various threads for this quilt….  I have all this lovely variegated Valdani…

P1150124 ..but in the end, this old ball of hand dyed/tea stained crochet cotton won out!  Would you believe I bought a bag of various tea stained cotton threads at the Thrift Shop for 50 cents!  All the balls are various shades of white, cream, ecru and beige…this is one of the darker ones.


Wish you could see this thread in real life…it’s VERY nice…and look can you see the piece of cardboard that it’s wrapped around.  I remember my mother use to do this with her crochet cotton and it always magically turned into a perfect ball!


As you can see, there’s never a dull moment around here…or if you’re not a quilter you would think it’s ALL DULL moments…haha…I often feel like a court jester juggling quilts and projects in the air…and then there IS that secret project…  I’m SEW bad with keeping secrets!  I WILL tell you this…it involves a VERY famous BRITISH author…enough said before I REALLY spill the beans!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You sweet basket blocks will wait patiently! Oh just the spill the beans about your secret project - come on you know you want to. LOL

  2. Love that snowman you have on the frame. I used to have a Q Snap frame. In fact, I have had two over the years but none now.

    While on vacation, I saw a license plate with SweetP on it. I don't remember what state the plate belonged to.

  3. What a fun log cabin!!!! It will be great this winter.

  4. I love that winter quilt and with the hand stitching it will be so warm and cozy for the holidays.


  5. I must go make that basket quilt right this minute. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love the new quilt on the frame. It's the perfect time to do by TV. Just be careful with Dexter, there are some doozies coming up! You may prick yourself with the needle! And why is it that we are all rooting for Dexter?

    Just so you know, I hate secrets too!

  7. Paulette, I just love your projects. I have a question. I am looking at purchasing a quilting rack, do you like your PVC one, what are pros and cons??

  8. You are such a good those baskets...but my favorite is still the one blue/white daisy one on your table!

  9. Darling basket quilt, and I LOVE the snowman quilt! The quilting you're doing is perfect.

  10. Do you ever sleep P? I think if you do you must still quilt in your sleep.

  11. I wonder how long you'll be able to keep your secret?

    I love the quilt you're working on now and the thread you're using looks perfect for it. When you said tea-stained, I thought for a moment that it was such a bargain price cos someone had accidentally spilt tea on it!

  12. the baskets are great, wonderful job quilting the snowmen...

  13. Is Harry Potter also involved? Just a shot in the dark :)