Monday, August 29, 2011

California Gal…California Gal…(insert music symbols here..)

I had some playtime yesterday…I thought I’d try to make one of these little guys just to see what all the fuss is about!! P1150250

Yup, NOW I see what all the fuss is about!!  Cute..DANG CUTE!!


So I pulled a bunch of scraps…as one block only takes wee bits of fabric… two 1 1/4” coloured fabric (center of bow tie) and two 2” square of the same fabric for the bows and two 2” beige…the block finishes at only 3 1/2”!  This looks like a good project to take to The Sands…when we become Snowbirds and fly this coop!

Day SIX of the PICK FOUR Book Tour is happening TODAY!  I love the way Quilt Sue, the Author of this wonderful book gives us some touristy information on where each Blogster lives.  Why I just found out that Darlene, Sew Cal Gal lives in Southern California…our Snow Birding DESTINATION!!!  I’m cancelling our reservation at The Sands and we can just park our 5th Wheel in Darlene’s driveway for FIVE months!!  I’m sure she won’t mind one bit.  Sure hope she has a pool!  haha

Not to worry…I’m just playing with your, Darlene!  Now if you can just email me your street address…?? 

Hurry over to Sew Cal Gal’s Blog and leave a comment…you REALLY want to win this book!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Those little bow ties are addicting. I usually cut out a bunch and put them in a bag that way they are ready to sew when I have some down time between projects.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. I love those little blocks and just might have to make some myself. Wonder if I can do them as scrappy blocks?

  3. Cute block for sure , are they done by hand or machine?

  4. That is a REALLY cute block! I'm sure Darlene won't mind you staying for five months....*snort*

  5. Very sweet and so well dressed!

  6. You can make the bow tie blocks out of real ties too. So head to the thrift stores!

  7. Love your humor and enjoy reading your blog each day! Must try that block but am a bit scared of being addicted due to lack of time.

  8. Hi Paulette,

    I'm handpiecing these using Cindy Blackberg's stamps . Mine are 2 & 3/4 inches.
    I'll bring them with me on our trip to Victoria for "Show & Tell"!!
    Hope you are doing well!



  9. I have an antique quilt made with this block. I love it! Mine is made of scraps (mostly feedsacks) on a muslin background.

  10. I'm doing my Bow-ties Scrappy since I don't have a lot of "CHEDDAR" in my Stash like Bonnie Hunter. Welcome to the Leader/ender Challenge!

  11. Be careful! Those bow ties are addictive! Bonnie Hunter propsed it as a leader ender project on her blog about a month ago. I cut a stock of blog pieces and put them in sets the stack was about 8" tall. I have been working my way through the stack as I work on other projects and the stack is almost gone! Im going to have to pull out my scrap boxes and do some more whacking for the stack. Have fun wiht it.