Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Berry Crazy Post…

Can you guess what I did yesterday?…AND NO I am not Dexter’s accomplice!


Yup! Blackberry picking..and what a bumper crop!!…left hand was in a glove to hold the brambles back and right hand for the picking…I have it down to a fine art now!

imageThese berries went from this to THIS…


23 jars of freezer jam!  It looks like a lot but it goes fast!  With every visit from ‘the kids’ it somehow magically disappears!! :o)

AND while I was making jam…the mail lady was putting this into my mailbox!!  I won BIG time on Diary of a Quilt Maven…

Adorn It…everything for a little cowboy!!  I got to rustle me up a little cowboy…!!  Yeehaw!


Cute hey?


And Adorn It..this time for the little lady…and I have plenty of those in this family!!


Some lovely things to make in this book!


Love this handbag and box…and the quilt!!

P1150260But this Layer Cake really got the ol’heart pumping!  The fabric is SEW cute!!


Let me flip you through it…Lots of dots…


And stripes…


And the cutest little owls…that are crying out to be FUSSY CUT!!

P1150257Yes this fabric has the makings of a baby/child’s quilt written all over it!!      

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Monica!!  If you haven’t ever visited Monica’s blog then you are missing out BIG TIME!!  Lots of great projects and eye candy…that’s Diary of a Quilt Maven…wonder what a maven is??  A super hot quilter is my guess!  :o)  Regardless Monica is an EXPERT at whatever she does!


It’s day SEVEN of the Pick Four Book Tour…it’s gone FAST…too fast!!  TOMORROW is my day!!  YIKES!!  (butterflies all over the place…including my stomach!!) 

Do You Want to Know a Secret?  It Won’t Be Long before Lynn from Sew'n Wild Oaks is going to be giving away Quilt Sue’s new book ‘Pick Four’ to some lucky GIRL!  Lynn will also be taking us down Penny Memory Lane with flashbacks from the Beatles.  Hurry over… She’s a Woman who understands that you can make TWO quilts during A Hard Days NightI Should Have Known Better that Lynn could Come Together right now…well you get the idea!  Don’t Let Me DownDay Tripper over to her blog..Right Now because It Won’t Be Long…before Mr. Postman takes The Long and Winding Road and comes knocking with your FREE book…. Have a Good Day Sunshine by heading over to Sew’n Wild Oaks for a FUN POST!!  (OK so I’m a Beatle Fan…!!)

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You had me laughing at your Dexter hands and left me laughing over the Beatles! Paulette, you and I could have so much fun in the same room!

  2. I got a lot of blackberries 2 years ago and made jelly. We're still eating on that jelly! Blessinds, Marlene

  3. The blackberries look wonderful. I'd have had to pick twice as many as I needed to bottle/freeze as I'd keep eating them.

    Your Beatle story had me laughing, and reminded me of even more Beatles songs than I had already remembered.

    See you tomorrow!

  4. oh I love berry picking. no time...shoot! maybe I'll come visit you!!!

    I have been drooling over that book...so many cute projects!

  5. Lucky you , I love blackberries ! Congrats on that great win too!

  6. I LOVE blackberries - oh yum, and what a gorgeous collection of jars you've made! Congratulations on a fabulous win, Paulette!

  7. Oooh, yummo blackberries....we used to pick them as children, my grandmother made them into pies that were so good. They don't grow wild here like they used to though, as they have been declared 'noxious weeds' and aren't allowed to be grown.

  8. Never picked blackberries before. I don't think they grow very much around here, either, just like the rhubarb. I don't even see it in the grocery stores or farmers market unless they are imported. Bet I would love them though!

  9. nice work on the blackberry jam!..hope you got the stains off your hands before you looked at your new 'package'!!

  10. Very nice wins, lots of goodies and I love that fabric too. Those blackberries look yummy.


  11. Paulette, you make me laugh with that Beatles story. You are something. I wish I could have tea and scones (with the blackberry jam you made) with you! I will pretend! Can't wait until tomorrow to see what you post for the tour!

  12. Ooh, your jam looks yummy. I'm going to learn how to make jam, jelly, pickles and also do some canning, thanks to a quilt buddy of mine. I have always wanted to learn but didn't know anybody that did it, until now....Anyway, I'll post about my pickles soon. Then, I'll be doing jam too- I can't wait!

  13. OK...so you gotta play the lottery cuz you are one lucky lady :) WINNER :)

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