Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time to VOTE!!

Sew Cal Gals “Pets on Quilts Show” is in its final phase…and now it’s time for YOU to get in on the fun.  Hurry over to her blog and vote for your favourite (Viewer’s Choice Award)…there are over 100 entries to choose from this year!!  Tons of cute pets and tons of gorgeous quilts!!  We have only TWO days (Saturday and Sunday) to vote for our favourites.  Be prepared…take a Kleenex as there are some sad pet stories, but mostly happy, fun-loving, pet owner stories!  What is it about Quilters and their pets?  They seem to go hand in paw…

My entry is number 37…just sayin’ …and no Kleenex is necessary!

On the Quilting Front~

And because I CAN’T post without showing you something quilty…I’m including some pics of the snowman quilting…P1150142

I decided to stitch around each row…it’s a lot of stitching but the effect is worth it!


I have four blocks done so it’s going fast!!


Oh and before you go~

Spun SugarQuilts is having the Apple Core Tutorial Part 2 and it looks great…I wondered how you sewed the different curves together!  She DOES make it look easy…

Thanks for stopping in!!

Have a Sunny Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That quilting is time consuming I bet - but your right I think it's going to be perfect for that quilt - it's going to be adorable :).


  2. I love the large quilt stitches in this one!