Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sticky Subject…

Well the blogging world has spoken and if you are a quilter then this is definitely the Glue Pen to buy…forget about the others!  This one can be used with paper templates (ie apple cores, hexagons) and fabric and once dry, they come apart again…without ripping the paper or fraying the fabric…


Here are some of the blogger’s comments regarding this product~

Hi Pauline, (I’ve been called worse..)

Just wanted to pass on some info about Sue Daly's technique of using glue for English Paper Piecing. I finished one of Sue's projects for a store sample and used the Sew LIne glue pen and the paper pieces that came with her pattern. The glue was terrific. I was using hexagon pieces and diamonds for the project. The glue held the fabric nicely around the paper for the entire project and popped out with little effort when I was done. I would use this process in a heartbeat. Check out her patterns. They are awesome......Sandi

Hi there
I am working on Sue Daley's pies and tarts quilt and the gluestick is wonderful. I tried the Fons and Porter one but did not find it worked as well as the Moda one. I had to purchase the Moda ones online from Hancocks of Paducah but also saw them for sale at the Fat Quarter Shop. They save time, give sharp edges for joining and allow you to use the papers over and over again. I have no trouble removing the papers even if the foundations have been glued weeks before and there is no stickiness. Definitely one of those notions I would highly recommend.  Sylvia O

I have used that glue pen and think it's great. There are 2 downsides though. One, they don't last long (although you can buy refills) and two, cos the glue is squidgy (think playdough on a very hot day), it's easy to use too much and get it all round the outside of the pen. Neither of these are problems that have stopped me using it though. Quilt Sue

I use the Sewline Glue stick on all my applique projects and love it! You know the phrase, "A little dab will do ya." (I'm showing my age!) Lynn

So only one negative remark…and if Quilt Sue follows Lynn’s advice then we have solved THAT problem! :o)

Where to get the Sewline Glue Pen?  Well I ordered mine from the Fat Quarter Shop and according to Sylvia, Hancocks has them too.  If you live in the USA I would think that every Quilt Shop has them!  If I owned a QS in Canada then I would be ordering a boat load of the stuff and having workshops!  But that would be in my other life…where I’m young and energized…and very beautiful…and thin!  :o)

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

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  1. I bought different types and wasn't pleased with them, always dry out too fast, too thick, too sticky, etc. Then I got some kids blue glue and that works great, lol. I only use it to set some edges on small appliques, so it is good enough for now;)


  2. ordered already? If you haven't I want one - will share shipping.

  3. Would like to try them too, like Vicki have you already ordered yours?

  4. I guess I will have to go get one!

    PS. I thought you were young and very beautiful and thin!

  5. Ok! Jury is in I am taking the word of the masses! Off to look this stuff up! Thanks for the detective work.

  6. I appreciated the review. I saw on Fons & Porter last week a similiar glue stick but it was "their own" I have to wonder if it is the same. If so...we should be able to get them at JoAnns and Hobby Lobby

  7. I have one and love it. Have only used it on some applique. Found mine on a shop hop.

  8. Good to know. If I ever use a glue, I'll look for this pen.

  9. This looks wonderful, thanks for the review.