Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sales BUG Strikes!

Yesterday our local Quilt Shop was having a FANTASTIC sale…now by ‘local’ I mean it’s an hours drive up island.  For a quilter possessed that’s nothing… RIGHT?  But I had talked myself out of going…after all I really didn’t NEED anything.  I have enough fabric and I don’t  need any more notions…I AM on the lookout for a tumbler die but I didn’t think that this shop carried GO! products…so I was going to stay home and quilt…

And then I got an email from Kathy (Quilting Along the Gorge)…now she lives in Victoria.  She was all hyped up about this sale…how fabric was going to be 50-70% off..yada yada yada…and the drive for her would be almost TWO hours….Can you guess what happened?… I got the BUG…the SALES BUG!

I casually asked my husband if he wanted to take a drive to Nanaimo…I could check out the SALE and then maybe we could hike a few trails around Nanaimo.  (He loves hiking so he got interested right away!) So I threw on some lipstick, loaded up the mutts and we were heading north!

My husband took the dogs for a walk along the boardwalk….


and by the historic Bastion…


…while I shopped…outside in the tent…AND YES…everything outside was 50-70% off!!


The Janomes were selling like hot cakes so they must have been a good deal…


At 70% off, fabric was selling for under $5 a metre (39 inches)!


…and inside the shop…it was humming too…


As you can see it wasn’t too busy…I don’t know where Kathy was…did I leave her in my dust??


You are all sitting on the edge of your seats…wondering what I bought…aren’t you??

SEW I got two Charm Packs ‘Full Circle’ by Kathy Schmitz!  Love her fabric…50% off!P1150065

Metre cuts to add to some projects that I have in the ‘works’…for $4.57 a metre!


This looks like Civil War fabric and thought it would make great backing…


But it was this Luna Notte by Three Sisters that caught my eye and it was in the 70% off bin!  Score! 


And finally…they had the GO! Tumbler and for 20% off!  Now I can finish off my tumbler quilt!!  


And to top it off this lovely couple was serving up barbequed hot dogs, chips and bottled water to famished quilters…for FREE!


…because you really do work up an appetite while shopping!!

Funny I didn’t even notice the hot dog station when I entered the store?  Wonder why?

So I ate a dog while I waited for my hubby and dogs…then it was off to the trails for us!

Roberts Provincial Park is just south of Nanaimo…has lovely trails leading down to the beach. 


Ahhh…nothing like it…doesn’t get any better than this!!


Hope you had a great Saturday too!!  Oh…and thanks Kathy!! :o)

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Sounds like a great day...and great bargins!!
    One of the very first quilting stores I was in (before I even started quilting) was the Satin Moon- before it moved! So I always love to come back to Victoria and check them out. Haven't seen the store in Nanimo yet though! sounds like a great place!

  2. Now that is what I call the perfect day, quilt sale, hiking and the ocean, all my favorite things;) I love finding nice fabric for backings, on sale, best time to get it.


  3. That looks so fun! What a great what to send to day, fabric sales and a hike. You got some great deals and I'm glad you got your die cutter. Beautiful pics!

  4. I have to agree - it sounds like the perfect day

  5. You were very reserved at the sale and finding the GO! die must be your reward.
    Looks like you had perfect weather for your hike.
    Now back to

  6. What a fabulous day! I'm excited that you found the tumbler die - woohoo!!!!

  7. What a wondeful town this is in...very worth the drive and hike...but you got some great fabric at great prices. I got to meet Kathy at Pioneer Quilts on the 30th of July. Pioneer was having a parking lot sale and a "trunk" sale if you will.Kathy was there so I introduced was a great sale.


  8. LOL, I love it! It's amazing how we're drawn to these sales. It is like getting hit with a bug! =) I love your finds and way to go on the hot dogs! =)

  9. What wonderful finds you got! I only got 1 thing at the quilt show I went to yesterday, but I will have fun with it! You will have to check it out and have a laugh!

  10. Looks like some wonderful finds... I wanted to go, but after Friday's adventure on the ferries... I didn't dare venture into Naniamo again. The "alternate" docking at Duke Point is a real hassel... as both our trips included waiting for the other ferry to leave for over 15min delay on each trip.

  11. looks like you ALL had a great day!!!..way to work it, Paulette!!

  12. Wow, the perfect day! You really scored on the fabric. When I was reading along, I was so sure you were going to say that all you bought were the Kathy Schmitz charm packs. LOL

  13. What a fun day. I too love sales. Just say the word and my heart starts racing. Even better when the words "Sale" and "Quilt" are used together. Plus, I too love Nanaimo. Lovely city.

    Just wish I could have gone shopping & hiking with you!


  14. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday . . . if you're not camping, you might as well be quilt-shop-shopping!!

  15. A perfect day - thanks for sharing.

  16. I love the fabrics and what great prices. It looks like it was a beautiful day in Nanaimo- I am sure the dogs loved the drive too.
    The island is such a gorgeous place- we loved seeing all the flowers and lush green environment.
    Thanks for taking me along on your journey.
    Warmest regards,

  17. Sounds like a great day for all of you.

    The town looks lovely and the dogs certainly look like they had a good time. I think you would have been madly wagging your tail too if you'd been a dog, what a fantastic haul from the sale.

  18. WOW...that was some amazing sales and some beautiful fabrics!! ALSO...must comment on the gorgeous area you hiked! My husband would have dropped everything in an instant as well for hiking that is! LOL

  19. It is amazing how contagious the sale virus is...thank god there isn't a vaccine available!

  20. What a fun day...lots of bargains and free lunch to boot! Good idea to entice hubby the way you did....sounds like something I would do. Gorgeous country you live by...btw!! Lucky you.

  21. Nice drive, wonderful sales, lovely fabric, beautiful place to walk, and a hot dog. What more could anyone ask?

  22. Ok so, did I miss it? What's the name of the quilt store in Nanaimo. My brother lives there and maybe one day I can leave a big hint as to what he can pick up for me for my birthday or Christmas. You had a wonderful day out.

  23. You make me laugh. I am glad you could "convince" your husband to go to that sale :)