Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wine Country Quilting….

We are in Wine Country alright!  I had to chuckle the other day as we drove by winery after winery advertising free Wine Tasting followed by signs saying NO DRINKING AND DRIVING…ya’ think?

At Wine Country Quilting you don’t have to worry about being impaired…


…just drink in those quilts…savour those fabrics!!  Delicious!


Lots of full bodied eye candy…


Lovely displays…


And everyone was VERY friendly and nice!  Take pictures??…of course!!


This is the owner…when you go in for a visit make sure you tell her that Sweet P sent you!!


No sour grapes HERE!!  Nope, I’ll be back to sample these grapes again!!


Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I've also been to that shop Paulette, but didn't meet the owner. The gal who waited on was also very sweet. As I recall she had come up to Vancouver ages ago and always wanted to come back.

    Thanks for the memories

  2. Oh more fun while on your Southern trek. :-)

  3. Lots of eye candy Yum! Looks like your having a ball!

  4. Hi Paulette,

    Love all the quilt shops you've been visiting . . . I have to get out there someday!

    I'm also impressed that Rick is so patient in taking you to all these shops -- my "boys" (all three of them) are NOT so accomodating . . . they whine constantly while I shop!!
    Safe travels as you continue south.

  5. what a lovely quilt shop..not that I have frequented very many..just one Fort Langley, BC..that was my first..but I am beginning to think there will be more in my future!

  6. So glad a lot of the shops are allowing is like a shop hop for us Easterners too!

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop! I love the yellow quilt in the second photo of the little boy. Do you happen to know who makes it or the name? I would love to make one like it! I couldn't find a web address for the shop.