Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smokin’ Plastic!

Now the reason most Quilters go to a Quilt Show is to see the gorgeous quilts on display…AFTER they visit the VENDORS!! Which is exactly what I did!!

Like I said…I wish I had bags of money but I don’t…sigh….I have to watch what I spend…we do, after all, have to get home….  So I am always looking for deals and bargains.

Of course I was on the hunt for good deals on wool…. From Primitive Gatherings I bought the dark, deep red textured and the orange textured charm packs and the fat eighth piece of hand dyed clay coloured wool.


At the Wooden Spools booth they had hand dyed wool scraps in ziploc bags for a great buy and each bag had quite a bit of wool inside!  Now this is NOT the colour of the wool…this pile consists of rich dark oranges….


…lovely yellows and golds (not one piece of mustard!!)


..and lovey deep reds and burgundies…no pinks…


From the Heart to Hand booth I bought these lovely black textured cottons for the back ground for their Christmas quilt ( I bought the pattern last year).


These browns and the green are going to be used in…


..this quilt…which stopped me in my tracks!!  Love this quilt!!  (tomorrow I will show you the REAL quilt which was displayed in the Heart to Hand booth…STUNNING!!)


It consists of 4 patterns…and each block is a work of art!


Loved the pin cushion which was on display in the Bird Brain booth…(say that fast three times!!)  I wish I had taken a picture of it!!  Darn!   You can sort of see it down in the left hand corner on the pattern !!  Sew sweet!


I bought the pattern for this Thimble Quilts…the template for the little tumbler is for a 1 1/4” block!!  VERY sweet!


My favourite Glue-Baste It glue.


This little kit to make this adorable runner!  (I’ll show pictures of the actual runner that was on display in the Primitive Gatherings booth tomorrow!)


The pattern for this little mat!  So cute!


A charm pack of Civil War fabrics…100 pieces to a pack.


Six Quilt Markers to be used with the Chalk Pounce that I have at home (and never used!!)


Some ground walnut shells to make the pin cushion.


And some Straw Needles…if you haven’t tried these for applique work then you MUST!!  They make the job so much easier!


I also saw Gail Pan’s ‘All Things Christmas Quilt’ on display in the Christmas Shoppe Booth…SEW CUTE!!  HAD to have it!!  But alas the pattern was sold out…and I can see why…gorgeous quilt!!  Anyways I ordered it.   I discovered when driving back, that two quilters in our van had also ordered it!!  THAT’S how cute it is!!  What are the odds of that happening?  I mean really…there were thousands of patterns for sale at Road and three of us…all on our own…ordered the same pattern!!  Too funny!  I will show you pictures of the quilt when the pattern arrives!

Writing about my buys was like shopping all over again…I’m pooped!!  Think I’ll put my PJs on and watch a little TV while I stitch tonight…and it’s only 7 pm.!

Have a sinfully good Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS…I am having a real problem with Blogger and my Header picture…seems there are several people out in blogland experiencing the same problem.  Our Header pictures are coming out too small…hopefully they will fix the problem soon. P


  1. Lovely things you found at the quilt show, and so many new projects to work on!

  2. Wow what a shopping trip that was, and smoking plastic is what I would have been doing too.

  3. Oh, I wish I could have been there too :-)
    You have bought a lot of interesting things.

  4. Blogger can have "moments." Whatever size the header picture is, the beauty of your quilt shines through. I love the quilt!

    Wish I had been on the shopping trip. Looks likes you will have fun from the trip for some time. Happy quilting!

  5. I'd say you scored big!!! I love all of your purchases!!

  6. Oh, you splurge more than I do, lol.
    The last quilt show I went to, I got a few batiks and that was it. But the booths were mostly local so I can get those things anytime;) I need to save up some money for the MQX show, lots of vendors in that one, so hoping I can find some unique things there.

    You are going to have fun with those beautiful fabrics and the clay wool is my favorite.


  7. OK, I'm just a little green! A lovely, happy shade of course, but green none the less! What a great thing to be surrounded by all that quilty goodness. On a happy note though I am headed to BC for two courses and a week of big city fabric shopping in between! Any "insider" suggestions of where to stop in the lower mainland?

  8. Glad to see you did your part in keeping the American economy strong. Well done-always enjoy the pictures.

  9. How great that Debbie did the wool scrap packs! I would LOVE TO GET ONE OF THESE! she has so many nice colors out at Holly Hill that I saw yesterday but I did refrain from buying anything!

  10. Lucky you - all that shopping!

    I really like your new header photo, even if it is small!

  11. Oh, you had lots of great fun. Love it all.

  12. Love the title! Took me a moment to get it and then I laughed out loud! The colours of the various fabrics you bought are so dense and vivid- will you ever be able to use them or will you just end up playing with them forever? Beautiful!
    There's a right selection of patterns you have there! And just lovely- the redwork strawberry especially grabbed me, also the runner with the baskets of flowers.

    When I get home from a trip like that, part of the fun of the trip is gloating over my purchases, and blogging about it is even funner, I find, because you know like minded people who will appreciate your glee!

    So, gleefullyshared yours,

  13. I'm officially jealous! When I die I'm going to ask God if I can live next door to Primitive Gatherings. :) blessings, marlene

  14. The quilt in your header photo is so beautiful. And it looks great with all your purchases laid out on it. Primitive Gatherings is a wonderful store. If I can't be there, at least I can shop it on line. Which I did last week. Although, I didn't know they had CW charm packs. How lucky are you. BTW, you can buy crushed walnut shells at PetSmart on Millstream. Enjoy your purchases an keep us posted.

  15. OK this post is what I picture shopping in heaven to be lie. The autumn quilt is so tyempting. I'm working on the garden Quilt by the same company. love the fabric purchases.....Primitive gatherings is a 100 miles from home for me so I can't just tell you'd love the store.

  16. You're killin me with the wool! why come home...just live at the vendor mall...that is my dream life! I have made the little geranuim mat and it is adorable. If you want to check out a class slide show from Sister, Oregon I posted today at

  17. LOL smoking plastic! Love it! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Love all your finds. :-) Have a happy day!

  18. SO LOVELY, I am also so jealous, wish you had bought for me also a wool scrap pack. THose colors are so GORGEOUS. Youmust be very happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ooohhh! Aaaahhh! Wonderful things found at the quilt show.

  20. Smokin'!?! I'm surprised it didn't melt!

    At least I'm not jealous of all the wool since I am getting pretty good at making my own now! But still . . . .

  21. Looks like you had a great time shopping! I love a lot of the patterns and can't wait to see that gorgeous quilt you've got me excited about!

  22. I am so envious - all those beautiful things that you have bought. Like you I am a teacher and approaching retirement - you are such an inspiration. I'm thinking of going as soon as I can so I can come to an American quilt show.
    Happy stitching

  23. That's the shopping I like, you spend the money and then share your goodies with us. The UFOs stay with you.
    I recently changed my photo. I had to play around with the size and then had to find some html mumbo jumbo to enter in a box and that managed to centre the photo. Can't explain properly, but it worked.

  24. Lots of cute projects in your future. I have to be good this year and finish all that I started so I'm going to live through my blogging friends as they make new pretty things. I have started one new project already and it will keep my hands busy when I'm not quilting my UFO tops.

  25. I just love primitive gatherings and I had the opportunity to meet her last July at PRIMITIVES OF THE MIDWEST.Her shop has the nicest wools and I love their patterns..Looks like you got a good assortment of goodies there..Have a great trip, love hearing about it always,

  26. beautiful purchases! I wish I liked the feel of wool, but it just makes me itchy!!! can't wait to see all your projects in progress. enjoy the rest of your trip

  27. How cool, you saw my quilt, nice to hear it sold out, though I am sorry you missed out, I guess I will be sending more patterns to Mary Jane!!!
    Thanks heaps!!!

  28. Smokin is not the word....beautiful display of purchases....

  29. Just wanted you to know Paulette that I know Roxanne's daughter :) She is a nurse at the local clinic :)
    Love your finds...I might even get into wool cuz I love that Red Geraniums table might need to make me one of those ;)

  30. What great purchases....I need that Geranium tablemat. So cute.

  31. Nice Haul!! I love Roxanne's glue, too. Will you be able to cut your thimbles (tumblers) with your GO!? Beautiful wool you scored, too. One day, I'll make down to the Road.

  32. Wow, wow, and more wow. My plastic would be on FIRE! Those are great finds!!!!!

  33. You are such a power shopper, lol - love it all!

  34. Woohoo, you got some wonderful looking things, but a tumbler quilt with tumplers that tiny - what ever were you thinking,? You could have done a proper one using your Go!

  35. You did not disappoint me! :-) All the wool and the kits are beautiful!! So much fun!

  36. looks like you scored big time at the quilt show!!..good for you!!