Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guilt free…?

There was no stitching for me yesterday…I had laundry to do…AGAIN!  What’s with all the dirty clothes!??  Sheeesh!! I guess at home I don’t really notice ‘doing’ laundry…I just do it in between ‘things’.  So while the clothes were going through the different cycles I started a book…and couldn’t get my nose out of it!  I spent the rest of the day in a lawn chair reading….Now back home I would NEVER do this…guess this is what “holidaying” is all about!!  Guilt free…doing WHATEVER you want to do…within reason of course!

I even took yesterday off from Blogging!!  Let’s blame it on the Yoga…I have to be there by 8:15am and I was too tired the night to write my post…

Let’s get back to quilting~ The Clubhouse was a hive of activity on Wednesday…Gwen has completely finished…


her wall hanging…she is having it professionally quilted when she gets home.  I wasn’t able to get the name or the designer for you as Gwen didn’t bring the pattern with her…sorry!  But one things for sure, it is SPECTACULAR!!


Isn’t this pretty?  I think Anne from Alberta made this….


She also made this one…Anne is one busy quilter and LOVES batiks.


Anne flew home for a funeral and brought back a bunch of her quilts… we just found out that we are having a quilt show in the main clubhouse in February!  Got to get busy!!


Penny started off making herself a table runner for Spring and ended up…


..making two more for her DILs!  Lucky them!



Roxanne is making these sweet little blocks for a quilt for her grand daughter…she is going to love it!


The new girl, Peggy is just starting this quilt…looking good!


Gina is whipping up aprons left, right and centre….


Gwen is ‘hoping’ for a Grand Child…SOON!!  She is making some baby quilts just in case….


And look at what Penny started to do…she hauled the Clubhouse Light Box out and is tracing her stitchery pattern onto cotton…she will probably have it finished by next Wednesday!


While we were busy working…the UPS man dropped this off for ME!!  How sweet of him!!


I had ordered 3 yards of black wool  and a yard of brown for my Settler’s Pride Quilt!  I was thrilled with the wool…the PERFECT weight!!  Not too heavy and not too light…JUST RIGHT!! 


And Goldilocks lived happily ever after!! 

(I ordered the wool from Dorr’s Wool…it’s called Wool Coating- perfect for Penny Rugs and runners…and a great price!  Check it out!)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Gwen's quilt is spectacular! Thanks for sharing Paulette!

  2. I love dorr wool, wish I could get up there.
    I like seeing it in person and fun to go through their bins.

    I am taking a day off too, I need a brain break, so hitting the prims and antique barn.


  3. Oh the quilt pics are fabulous..sounds like you guys are having a great time! Hooking up to the blog from the hotel fine! yeah!

  4. Tell your group we are very impressed with their projects and talent! Don't you just Love...quilty packages. On the laundry front-how often do you have to actually wash the bikini and speedo anyway?

  5. Glad you're back - was concerned you were ill- glad you were just taking time for self (while doing laundry -lol). Quilt club on Tues. and I'll pick up Dawn. We will miss you. I am starting a whole cloth stained glass project with some Crofton quilters. Will send photo

  6. nothing wrong with taking a day off..glad you enjoyed your day reading and basking in the sunshine!!.found a beginner class in Fort Langley but I am going to keep looking and see if there is something closer to home!

  7. Oh my I wish I could come to the quilt show - seems like you have one every week anyway, lol! What gorgeous projects.
    A day spent reading is a GOOD day, Paulette!

  8. Such talent at that clubhouse!! Gwen's wallhanging is beyond the colors!