Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go…

I wandered the streets of Palm Springs in my stilettoes and rhinestone dress looking forStar STARSStarbut the only ones that I found were on the sidewalks!… Literally in the CEMENT!!

No STARS walking around downtown…


Not even a STAR at Starbucks!  Sheesh…


BUT…I DID see this motorhome parked outside of the Conference Centre where the Palm Spring Film Festival was being held…see the name on the back…WHOOPI!  Now I know Whoopi has a motorhome that she travels in (she is afraid of flying)…but could THIS be HER mini mansion on wheel?  Surely not…I’m mean it’s nice but certainly not STAR quality! (if you know what I mean!)


Alas we will never know…

But I did find this guy….


Yup, it’s Elvis and he was still hiding on my digital camera photo card amongst the left over photos from Pismo Beach!!  So I did find a STAR…although he WAS a bit stiff!

I found the Real Elvis lurking around at the Quiltin’ Cousins in Pismo Beach.  So all these year he wasn’t dead but quietly running a Quilting Shop in Pismo Beach!!  Always liked Elvis!!

I forgot all about the Quilting Cousins!  One of my favourite shops too!!  I think it was because I could take my time and REALLY poke around in it. (It’s a short walk from the RV Park!!)


A sweet little girl’s quilt in the window…


A very nice lady behind the counter…encouraging me to take photos…she was busy getting ready to go to the Road to California as a vender.


Tons of yummy fabric…




AND Patterns for wool projects!!


Lots of books…


Patterns and threads….


Yes, I had fun poking around the Quiltin’ Cousins…(do you think Elvis is one of the cousins??)


And then I was off back to the Pismo RV Village…down the street towards the Pier…


Turn LEFT…and over the bridge…..

(HELLO Mr. Seagull)


…and HOME! 


Ahhhh…some good memories…

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That is a beautiful area and lots to see and do.
    I can't picture Whoopi in a fancy trailer, lol.


  2. Wow! The Quiltin' Cousins looks like a fun place to spend some time in. The walk back to your RV is gorgeous, thanks for taking us along.

  3. Looks like a lovely little quilt shop I could do some major damage in!
    Oh how I wish I was with you in the Sunshine! We are in the middle of a crazy storm here in Alberta! Tons of snow and it won't stop. You don't know what you are missing ;)

  4. Ah, sunny skies, the beach and a quilt shop within walking distance. What more could one want?

  5. whoopi!!..what a day you had..your feet must have been sore!!..wearing stilletos all day can be hard on the feet!!

  6. I gotta say that I would much rather see the sights in a quilt shop compared to looking for the "stars!".

  7. I would loved to go into that neat quilt shop--there were some beautiful things!

  8. I can just picture you tottering around in stiletto's and rhinestones....*G* Would love to visit that quilt shop!

  9. I was thinking of you this morning with your stash of wool. I am trying to finish a little mat and my supply is so limited. I found one wool shirt at the thrift store and my DH took it to wear. If you were at home I'd come and plunder your stash....and now you get to go to these great stores where they sell lovely wools!

  10. That quilt shop looked gorgeous!!! I wouldn't want to leave8)

  11. what a great little shop. Do you realize how many of us are so jealous of your trip. The stores are amazing as are the sights! hope you continue to have safe travels.

  12. Maybe it's too cold for the stars to be down in Palm Springs right now. I saw Whoopi one time when I used to work in Century City, she was sitting on a wall outside Gelson's market drinking a smoothie.

  13. I think Whoopi is the type to be in a camper..she's down to earth person..and wow.. love that shop... eyepoper..I'm sure you'll get to see more stars... have a great day...looking forward in seeing more..

  14. That was a yummy quilt shop! Thanks for the tour and for the sunshine pictures. We had sunshine today, but that went hand in hand with several inches of snow and temps in the teens-F.

  15. Great pictures Paulette!! I can just picture you in stilletos!!:) I can't believe you didn't see any stars!! Looks so pretty and sunny- something we could use here in the east! The little quilt shop looked nice also- little and cozy!!:)

  16. thank you Paulette. I hadn't seen Palm Springs in quite some time. You gave me a memory reflection.