Thursday, January 13, 2011

A One Woman Show!

Yesterday was our Quilting at the Club House!  It was SEW good to be back…to see all the regulars, meet the newbies and to hear what everyone has been up to…AND to see what everyone is working on!

There was SEW much to see that I thought I had better break it up and blog about it over a series of days…(and it’s not like I have been DOING anything NEWS worthy!)

So today is KIM’S Sharing Day!  Kim is a dynamo quilter and a Newbie!  You can tell that she loves quilting and is dedicated to doing a top notch job!

Meet Kim~ Here she is in action!!  The quilt that she is getting ready to pin is gorgeous…made of Moda Fabric called ‘Pure’.P1110296

Isn’t it lovely…love the colours in this quilt!!  This is a pattern that she ‘made up’ out of a charm pack and part of a Jelly Roll…I have to get me some of this!!  Love it!


This little runner is something that she whipped up this week…she is going to mail it to her son and his wife. 


She likes to spread the love…Sweet isn’t it…see the buttons?  There is special meaning behind the buttons but it’s too soon to tell you what it is…man, I CANNOT keep a secret!!  Wish I could tell you…but I can’t….


This is a quilt that Kim made for their 5th Wheel…isn’t it pretty!


Here’s a picture of the whole thing….but you really DO need a close up!


Aww…there…so sweet!!


Kim found the pattern in an American Quilter’s magazine…(I think..)


Love these little garden stitches!


This is what Kim worked on yesterday…She whipped up this pillowcase for her youngest 21 year old son!!  Cute…or what?!


I don’t know…do you think a 21 year old male would like to put his head on this pillow?? Winking smileSweet dreams!!


And when she was finished the pillow case, she worked with the fabric that was left over from her Valentine runner charm pack…. 


Looking good, Kim!!


You should know that Kim is newly retired and her and her husband, Don are ‘Full Timers’ …this means they live in their RV full time and will be touring the world…or at least the parts of North America with roads…until they get tired of roaming. 

I have one more  Kim Project to show you…BUT anymore pictures and the WiFi will blow up on me!!  Surprised smile

Kim and Don have an RV Blog that you might like to visit…you can find it HERE!!  Pop in and say Hi!

I personally think Kim should expand her blogging talents and join us in Quilting Blogland…after all the more the merrier and I don’t know about you but I would certainly love to see more of her work!!  Common Kim…you know you wannna’!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. She sure keeps busy and has made a lot of beautiful items. Someday I would like to spend time roaming around the states in an RV.


  2. Kim's work is fabulous and that pillowcase is so fun, I think any male, even those past the age of 21 would happily rest their head on that!

  3. Beautiful - that quilt is gorgeous!

  4. I do love reading your blogs Paulette! You do a top notch job. Did you hear about our 14" of snow which arrived 2 nights ago? How's the weather there?

  5. Fun post! I love the pin up camping girls - I once had a FQ like it with a girl frying a whole fish over a campfire while sitting in pin-up pose. Hilarious! I can't imagine being able to maintain a quilting habit in a 5th wheel FT. Kim must have some excellent storage tips!

  6. Definitely a "One Woman Show" and her quilts are wonderful. Beautiful! Thanks for telling us about her.

  7. You are making me blush! Thanks Paulette!

  8. that is one very nice quilt!!! the heart buttons!!

  9. Good grief, she is a very busy lady and her quilts are great.

  10. Please tell Kim that I love her PURE. I love the quilt she made and I just love that line of much so that I bought some. Now I love it even more after seeing her beautiful quilt.

  11. Your emails have been making my day the last few days!
    I just tried to add your blog to my blogroll but couldn't. Not sure what is wrong. I will try again tomorrow.

    Your 'pool' escapade left me cracking up!