Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My husband took this picture of me as he drove off to check out the sights in Morrow Bay.  I think it says it all!! 

YES, I have arrived…and look at the BLUE SKIES!!


This is in front of the Cotton Ball Quilt Shop in Morrow Bay!  And YES I could take pictures…in fact they were THRILLED that I was taking pictures!!

What a gorgeous shop….this is what you see upon entering….


…AND then look up…at the huge domed stain glass window!  Stunning!


Lots of lovely displays and eye candy!


Layer cakes, jelly rolls and Moda style chocolate bars! Yum!


Rooms and rooms of fabrics…


Their Christmas and Halloween fabric was all 40% off!


This is the upholstery fabric room with kits for bags and pillows…


Drawers full of upholstery scraps…


And quilts hanging in every nook and cranny!


Kids clothing with patterns…


Baby quilts with patterns….


A room for the embroiderer…with tons of transfer patterns.


The Cotton Ball has a section of SALE fabric for $5 a yard and half price books but most of their fabric was $11.29 a yard.  I had read on other blogs that the price of fabric had gone up….guess they’re right!


All things considered the verdict is in…I LOVE the Cotton Ball!

Then it was off to Cambria, a VERY cute little town…and I ‘stumbled’ onto the Pine Tree Patchwork…


…but alas..that was not meant to be!


So then it was off to the beach!  No I am NOT sunbathing!! haha  This is the place where the Elephant Sea Lions hang out! NO they are not dead, they are sleeping!!  They occasionally roll over or flick sand over their bodies…some even got up and squirmed over to a better location.



The Elephant Sea Lions come every year at this time through March to have their babies on the beach.  According to the posters throughout the walk this is how they sleep.  When they are in the water they are extremely active- mostly feeding and then come up on the beach to snooze.


Hundreds of them….


You will find this beach just down the road from the Hearst Castle.  Well worth the trip off the beaten track! 

Tomorrow I will share pictures of the Wine Country Quilting Shop…very cute!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my what amazing pictures. I've never seen that many Sea Lions before! And what an amazing quilt shop! I love to visit and drink in all the beauty.

  2. Great photos of the quilt shop, Paulette. And those sea lions. Wow, that's a lot of sea lions. Looking forward to tomorrow and the Wine Country Quilting Shop.

  3. You do such a great job sharing your trip!

  4. Wow awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. I love that part of the Calif. coastline. Have fun enjoying the sights and the restaurants!

  6. I am glad you finally hit some sun:)
    Love the shops, lots of wonderful goodies and those seals are too much. Do they let you near or get mad if you get close?

    I got my package today and love it, thank you so much for the book, I will definitely be making some things from it, I love Cheri's patterns.


  7. I've been to Cotton Ball. Lucky you. Do they still have the bathtub fill with fabric?

  8. Welcome to California! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you while you're here. I like the "shut" sign on the one quilt shop door. LOL All this shop hopping talk makes me want to go hit up a couple. I might just have to wander down to Quilter's Coop now that the holidays are done.

  9. Thanks for the photos Pauline. When my friend and I passed through Morro Bay a couple of years ago, the store was closed so it was nice to see what we missed.

  10. What a wonderful pictures of these strange animals.
    And i guess you were really happy in the quiltshop.......

  11. Thanks for the peek into the Quilt shop. Wow what a lot of Sea lions..that is amazing!!

  12. Sounds like you're near where we drove through last year with our fifth wheel. We actually pulled into Hearst Castle and I got out to check out the first building. I never took the bus to the Castle itself.

    Do you plan on taking the coastline highway for a ways yet?

  13. Morro Bay is such a lovely place, I like the Cotton Ball, they have such interesting notions and embellishments.

    Makes me want to go down that way again this year.

    Thanks for the great travelogue.

  14. Oh, I am so enjoying our trip. It was one of the few trips to a quilting fabric store that I didn't spend a dime. I'm so proud of myself.

    Hugs - Marie

  15. Wow! I haven't been to Morro Bay for awhile. The last time I was there the shop that is now the Cotton Ball was a wonderful art gallery. However, fabric is better and more afforable - lol!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I look forward to tomorrow's pics!

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I so look forward to your blog and your pictures. I am loving your trip so far and the tour of the quilt shop was great. Can't wait to see more. You forgot to show us what you purchased there (LOL). The sea lions are great too! Must be an amazing sight! Thanks again, Laura

  17. That shop looked so nice!! What fun! My favorite by is the photos of the Elephant Sea Lions!! So cool!!

  18. I could so enjoy browsing that shop with you! Thank you for giving us a virtual tour!

    Love the sea lions too! Amazing!

  19. I NEED to go visit that shop! On the other hand, maybe I don't if I want to make the house payment this month. :) blessings, marlene

  20. Those sleeping sea lions make an amazing sight. They are very trustworthy of the surrounding human population!
    Love travelling with you.

  21. Oh, you ARE having fun, aren't you? Fabric stores are the best.....

    And oh, those sea lions!! ;-)

  22. you are like a 'quilter on crack'..what a hoot!..how much did you buy?..and where in the heck do you start!!???..thanks for the laugh!!

  23. I think I'd like to live in the Cotton Ball! So sad that fabric prices have gone up....ack. Those sea lions are wonderful!

  24. I'm so enjoying travelling with you - great photo of you outside the quilt shop - you had me laughing again :0)

    The Cotton Ball looks like a dream - what a lovely shop.

    Wow - can't believe all of those sea-lions - ahhhh, wouldn't it be lovely to see all their little babies on there with them.

  25. Great pictures of the quilt shop, Paulette! Thanks for sharing! Loved the blue skies and wow, that's alot of sea lions! That would be so cool to see in person. Looks like you're having fun so enjoy- enjoy!!:)

  26. Cool pictures of the quilt shop and the sea lions. I've never seen that many seals in one place before!

  27. I am so behind in my blog reading. Looks like you are having a fabulous trip...I am envious