Monday, January 24, 2011

Heart to Hand’s Autumn Quilt…

..STOPPED me in my tracks…SEW beautiful!!  No, that’s an understatement…STUNNING! 

Yes, I am still dwwwwelllllling on the Road to California Quilt Show….BUT I have reason to dwell…there was just too much to take in the first go round.  Besides I have all these beautiful photos to share!

Back to the Autumn Quilt!  Yes, I bought the pattern…how could I NOT!!  This quilt is big…and it was hanging on the front of Heart to Hand’s booth, which prevented me from getting a full shot of it.  All these darn people kept standing in front…sheesh…don’t they REALIZE that I have a BLOG to write!!

I showed you this picture yesterday and I heard you say…yeah…it’s OK…


NOW let me show you the REAL thing…I want to change your mind…

Tah dah…


Huh? … Huh?…


Gorgeous or what?  Wool sewn onto textured brown cottons – most of the background fabric is Japanese fabrics.


SEW…what do you think?  Are you still saying it’s just OK?


See what my eye is on for next year…Yup, it’s the Garden Quilt!!  It too is STUNNINGLY beautiful!!  Which mean….


I better get busy on the Autumn Quilt!!…Oh and the Christmas Quilt from LAST year!!  Yikes! 

Today we are off to the RV show at Quartzsite, Arizona.  It’s only a two hour drive and is always good for a walk about!  Lots of people and lots to look at.  I’ll be sure to take my camera…

Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. glad you had a lovely time at the quilt show!..geez I am way behind on my reading of my it is off to work!..maybe tonight I will catch up!..great shots of your favourite quilt! the new header shot too!!.have a great day!!..and Happy Monday!!!

  2. I always buy something more, when I see it made up.
    I have seen patterns in packages and thought, nice, then seen them made up and said, wow.


  3. You dwell all you want - I love it!

    Speaking of loving it - that quilt is definitely STUNNING!!! Way beyond OK. :-)

  4. omg! that quilt is absolutely stunning! Makes me want to make it as well! Do you order wool fabric online? Any sites?

  5. It's always more stunning in person. Just think how lucky you are to see it up close.

  6. are so right! That is one stunning quilt! I LOVE applique...especially wool applique. Now I just might have to search down that pattern for myself. Sigh...I just want to retire so I can play all day. So many projects, so little time.

  7. Good grief....get out your wool and start cutting. It's beautiful!

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  9. I'm sold! It makes me want to learn how to use wool!!!

  10. Pauline I searched the web for this pattern. Where can I get it. I can't find it. Thanks

    Hope you are enjoying your trip, I can't believe you are doing it again and it's already been a year.

  11. You are right. The photos of the actual quilt are gorgeous.

  12. The quilt IS amazing...I can now see why you loved it so much!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Elaine in SLO, Ca

  13. The quilt is just amazing! Thanks for showing it!

  14. The quilt is wonderful. I eyed that booth and all it's beauty for quite awhile on Saturday. I look forward to watching your progress on the quilt.

  15. Yep, it's gorgeous - and very "you'! Get busy, girl!

  16. oh my god! Must Have and must have now! SOLD!


  17. I know exactly what you're saying. I saw the Autumn quilt in Houston at Market and stopped dead in my tracks. Went in to buy the pattern but guess what? They were sold out. Story of my life. Oh well, I think I'm gonna order it as a BOM from Primitive Gatherings. Love your pics of it.

  18. It is a lovely quilt, but my "practical?" mind keeps wondering what I'd do with it when it's finished cos it'd be almost too heavy surely to hang on a wall?

  19. What a fab quilt. I must have a go at wool. Is the pattern available online?

  20. What a fab quilt. I must have a go at wool. Is the pattern available online?

  21. That is one beautiful quilt! Road to California is such an amazing show. Glad you could go!

  22. What a gorgeous wool quilt...every block!

  23. This is a truly enchanting quilt with wonderful North American autumn icons. You will get a lot of pleasure from working on this and I look forward to seeing it develop... looks like you had a great time at the quilt show!