Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fast Week…

Yikes!  It’s Tuesday already and I haven’t finished showing you what everyone was working on last week at Wednesday’s…

Seattle Judy is working on these sweet Civil War blocks…the fabric is gorgeous!!  P1110298

Here she is putting together block number 30 something…


Judy bought the fabric and pattern from the Calico Horse, just down the freeway in Redlands last year when we went on the Spring Fling Shop Hop….It’s going to be stunning!  Judy also said she needed to make a trip to the Calico Horse soon to buy some background fabric…and did I want to go?  Do cows have udders?!!  Of course I do!!


This is what Penny is working on…a Hawaiian  Quilting…all hand appliqued!


Look at all the ins and outs…and you can’t even see her fine stitches!!  Beautiful!


Plus she was putting together this adorable table topper~


Each petal is backed with Heat ‘n Bond Lite…Here she is pressing the petals together on her acrylic mat, so they won’t stick to the ironing board. 


The sunflowers together…


Stay tuned…knowing Penny this little table topper will be finished tomorrow at Quilting!

For those of you wondering…you can find the pattern in this magazine!


Yesterday it was 31C …that’s into the 90’s for you Fahrenheit people! (I was going to say F people…but I didn’t want to get into trouble!!)  I am SO over going to the pool in a bathing suit…besides the plucked chicken covered with cellulite LOOK seems to be in this year!! Besides…I am, after all, a SNOW BIRD!!  

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. OMG, the group is working on wonderful projects. Love the civil war blocks.

  2. I love thos sun flowers. So bright and cheerful.

  3. all those projects look great...could use some of that weather

  4. What a creative quilting group you belong to! Great projects.

  5. What beautiful projects the girls are working on.
    I would love to be in a warm place in a pool, right now, lol.


  6. Hawaiian quilt is gorgeous. Lots of beautiful projects going on.

  7. Was this RV park advertised as having quilting at the top of the activities? How wonderful that so many women are into it!

  8. I'm jealous! Its 90 degrees, you are with quilting friends and you are in the desert. My dream is to spend a winter in the desert but my dh likes to snowmobile so we are still spending winters in Utah.

  9. Gorgeous - love the Hawaiian quilt! You can keep the heat, I'd love a warm day but not THAT warm, lol!

  10. That table topper is rather gorgeous.
    I was looking at yesterday's post - do Kim and her husband live in the RV full-time? 24/7? Everyday of the year? 365 days?

  11. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful projects!
    By the way..I somehow lost the last email you sent to me. Could you resend? Thanks so much!

  12. The sunflowers are just gorgeous aren't they?

    I must say though, even though I am so fed up with short, grey snowy/wet days that are our January in the UK, 31C would be too hot for me. I love a nice gentle 20C with a very slight breeze. Please could someone arrange that for me?,

  13. What a fun group of women! Plucked chicken with cellulite or beached whale (me). Think I'd prefer to be the plucked chicken.