Friday, January 7, 2011

Bail Out…AGAIN!

Well there has been no stitching going on here…I am feeling a little like I have been neglecting my ‘job’…but there has been so much to do ‘setting up camp’…and then there was laundry to do…mountains of it..and groceries to buy…

Thanks goodness for my quilty friends…and very lucky ones to boot!!  Check out Synthia’s new design wall!!image

Isn’t it gorgeous?!  Synthia had her daughter and SIL install it in her brand new 16’ x 23’ sewing room!  What a lucky quilter!!  And then her SIL came up with the idea of the track lighting!!  Correction..her genius SIL… What a guy…I think Synthia called him her ‘ peach’!

BUT let’s get serious and have a look at what’s hanging on her brand new design wall…WOW!  Stunning!!…and it’s all done in wool!!  She is just adding a border and it will be done.  On the left is a quilt for her grandson’s Graduation gift!  He is going to treasure that one for many years to come!

Claire, my quilting friend from home, finally got her hands on the new Quiltopia Special Winter Edition…and sent me pictures! 


I think the designer of this sweet little quilts is Sandy Gervais.  Adorable!


And Cheryl Wall from Abbotsford (just outside Vancouver, BC) designed this fun Christmas runner!!  And I just bought some black polka dot fabric…perfect!!  Now I just have to get my hot, sweaty little hands on this magazine!!


Thanks ladies!  You bailed me out…and you gave my readers lots to look at!

It’s the Palm Spring’s International Film Festival happening this week.  Think I’ll put on the rhinestone strapless and head on over to the Convention Centre and see if I can rustle up a date with Michael Douglas or Ben Affleck.  Apparently they are looking for a date!  You just never know…I’ll make sure I take the camera!Surprised smile

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I had that Quiltmania magazine in my hands at the bookstore just last night, but when I saw the $20 pricetag I just couldn't do it! They are cute patterns in it though, my eye was drawn to that little Santa one.

  2. I am debating on whether it is worth the price myself. Love the designs, and truthfully it is cheaper than a few patterns. Wish they would carry it here as a subscription at a lower price;)


  3. That looks like a great magazine. Do you know where one might purchase it in the States?

  4. I am sure you had room for a fancy dress and a pair of 'stilletos'!!..have fun at the film festival!..'george is waiting'
    George Clooney that is!!

  5. I looked at the quiltmania magazine when I was in Chapter's last time and saw the price tag here in Canada - Wowser 20 dollars... It is a nice magazine though and if you are going to make a pattern or two out of it then it would be like buying a pattern.
    Have fun at the Film festival and think of us shoveling about a foot of fresh new snow. It has been snowing here since lunch time on Friday. A friend said her back door is frozen shut- maybe she will stay in for the next month or so LOL
    I am off to play in the quilting room.
    Warmest regards,

  6. I'll have to look for the magazine -- I'm in love with that Christmas quilt!

  7. Yes I will also have to check our local Chapters to see if they have that magazine. Not familiar with it so worth looking into. Once you get the "domestic" stuff under control the fun will begin. Also don't let the Stars get in your eyes though OK!

  8. Nice design wall! Love the quilt on it. Looks like I'll have to get my hot little hands on that magazine too!

  9. Oh the sandy gervais quilt is so lovely.... Good luck while looking for STARS.....