Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Part 2 of Wine Country….

I had to post in two segments today as the wifi was going CRAZY with so many pictures!!  Embarrassed smile

One of my readers wanted to see what I bought from all the shops…so this is for you, Laura~

I am trying to add to my Civil War stash…

Got this sweet fat quarter roll from Wine Country…and some lovely yardage…


Gingerbread never tasted so good…a whole yard of it!clip_image003

Some Homespun red and I thought this was green but in ‘normal’ light it’s brown.  Don’t you hate when that happens!!


The new Quiltopia magazine…I still haven’t stumble onto the Super Winter addition…


This machine quilting book…it’s suppose to simplify quilting and man,  I need all the help that I can get!!


I love the quilts in this book called ‘Sizzlin’Sixties’ by Anka’s Treasures.


Sew…there you have it…and the good news…most of these things were on sale…OK…OK…I said ‘most’ things not ‘all’ things!


Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Nice fabrics and love the homespuns.
    I got that issue and still looking for the winter one.


  2. Lovely choices. Don't you just love a good sale? The savings justify the purchase of one or more nonsale items in my opinion.

  3. Just send that fabric my way! I love greenish/brown fabrics like that! You got great purchases!

  4. Thanks for posting your purchases! What finds. It must be so much fun going to all these different Quilt Shops. Keep enjoying! Laura

    P.S. You have a wonderful husband for taking you to all these places!!

  5. Looks like your shopping adventures were a success! I especially like the civil war fabric you picked up.

  6. P, you have superb contol, I must say.. I would be off my rockets in those quilt shops..Whoaaaaaaa. I love everything you got and the shops are to die for, really.. We don't have any like that close. But wish we did.
    Happy trip,

  7. Looks like someone had fun today! Nice goodies!! The shop looks amazing!

  8. Love that shop and your restraint is to be admired. Great shopping trip. (I really like that brown that you originally thought was green.)

  9. LOL -I misread that your book is supposed to "simplify quilting and MEN" and though now THERE is a book I need! Imagine my disappointment when I read it again. Beautiful fabrics and great books!!

  10. I was wondering too! Thanks for letting us know what you found. The gingerbread men are lovely

  11. nice work on the shopping day!!..I like the first colours!..not that it matters..oh, and the gingerbread!

  12. Oh it sounds like you are having so much fun. Nothing like adding to one's stash to perk a gal up!

  13. Another lovely shop - love all your goodies!