Saturday, January 15, 2011

Off to the Coop…

…the Quilter’s Coop that is, in Temecula!!  Kim, the RV Blogging Quilter, just couldn’t stay another minute in our area without us taking her to The Quilter’s Coop!  (Or so the story went to get my husband to take me us!)  Hey, a woman’s got to do, what a woman’s got to do!  And I don’t think Kim was disappoint…NO, not one bit!!


We also took Kim’s husband Don so that my husband and Don could ‘hang’ while we disappeared.  Lucky for us The Quilter’s Coop is in Old Town Temecula so there was plenty to keep them busy and out of trouble!

Enough hanging around outside, we need to get in and see what The Coop have to offer~

Let’s start in the Quilts by Cheri ROOM…yes, she has her own room/section…and I loved every square inch of it!!  Filled with her quilts, patterns and lovely homespun fabrics…Yum!!  A lot of her patterns weren’t available and are on order…so I will HAVE to come back…darn! Winking smile





Yes, we are still in the Cheri’s Section of the shop….  I LOVE BOTH of these pumpkin quilts but the patterns are on back order…sigh…yes, another trip here for sure!


There is the Whimsical section~ Love the little sewing quilt on the wall!!  SEW much to see, SEW much to make!


The Valentine’s Day section…


Baby quilt section….



And of course the Civil War section..which is huge…


With tons of quilts on display beside the patterns….


Gorgeous…I like this one, and that one…and this one over here…


oh and look at that red one!!


Yikes!!  I want to make them all!!


Here…browse on your own…without me breathing down your neck…





Moving into the WOOL SECTION….  Look at those little wool mats flying high…sew sweet!


This is the quilt that inspired me to buy the ‘Summertime’ pattern last year, the quilt that I am finally working on now!  I STILL love it!!


The stitchery section….


Around the quilts…still in the wool/Schnibble section…



A close up of this gorgeous Raggedy Anne…isn’t she sweet?



A sweet little star quilt….


On to the French General section…LOVE this fabric!!


Isn’t this a sweet little wool penny…LOVE it!!


And we are going to finish with this wonderful little pocket stitchery…so cute!!  I should have taken the patterns out of the pocket so that you can see the whole thing!  Dang cute!!P1110361

So ends Kim’s visit to the Coop.  Did she like it??  What a STUPID question!!  Of course she did!!

Time for lunch!!  Nothing like shopping to work up one’s appetite!



Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What wonderful eye candy for a Saturday morning. Looks like a wonderful quilt shop. I think I could spend hours just looking and drooling.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a delightful shop. I saw something in every picture that I "HAD" to have.

  3. Thanks for the tour. Looks like you all had a great day!

  4. Too bad Florida is on the other side of the country - this shop is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fabulous shop! Thank you so much for the wonderful tour!

  6. What a great shop tour Paulette! Did you know I just posted my completed that "pocket stichery" last night? (The one with the crow sitting on the spool.)

  7. You have way too much fun, lol.
    Love that store, all my favorite designers and fabrics.
    Ok, now I have to go get ready and hit out little store, need a fabric fix;)


  8. Oh wow - looks like you had fun!!! I wish I could have been there!

  9. Wow, wow, and wow! Thank you so much for sharing with us - a must visit. Sigh!!!

  10. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful quilt shop. I so wish I was there. Hope the quilters in the area realize how lucky they are to have a store like this. Love the Cheri section, and the Civil War. I'll be going back to this post for the next few days in case I missed anything. You didn't mention if you bought anything.

  11. so many quilts so little time!..looks like a fun day!! do you decided??????????

  12. First I must say how "summery" you two are dressed. I really, really, really am jealous at how may wonderful quilt shops you get to visit! A new trailer was for bringing home more quilting stuff and not for comfort right! Have a great day in the sun as our snow has finally melted!

  13. Great tour! Makes me want to plan a trip to Calif really SOON! And how fun for you to be able to "share" the shops with Kim. Can't wait for more.

  14. Awww....thanks for sharing! What a beautiful shoppe.
    P.S.....I have tons of relatives in Temecula too!!
    Is that man there the 'saving grace' one you've emailed me about?

  15. Nice photos of the shop, but WHAT did you buy??? I love how they made up the French General - what a great idea to put the bowties into the middle of the blocks as well! All of the pennyrugs are adorable. Thanks for the tour Paulette.

  16. That shop looks fantastic! favorite part is the Cheri section, of course. :-)

  17. Fantastic! Drool, drool. How I wish we had shops like that over here. Thanks for the yummy photos :0)

  18. What an amazing shop. I can hardly stand it.

    Do you remember the name of the pumpkin quilt, Paulette? I think I MUST have it.

  19. It's really fun to see Quilt Shops in all corners of the world. Those who love fabric seem to have an automatic connection! Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop with us.

    ~~where you can win prizes just by finishing your projects (FYP)!

  20. drooling.... can't close my mouth....not sure which section I like the best.... hummm thinking all... wow... and the lunch looks nummy too... have to find my jaw..ttyl have more fun (as if you can lolol).... happy shopping

  21. Wow! You are looking great Paulette!! Do they let dogs in the restaurants?! That would suit my two! Thanks for the update. 10C and light rain in Duncan.

  22. ok...have tried posting several times and not getting through :(
    I love Old Temecula....but it has been years since I have been there.
    I also know Cheri of quilts by Cheri...she used to have a store in I see that she lives in Poway...small world huh?

  23. What a fun day! I could spend hours in that shop....a little of everything! Thanks for sharing and eye candy motivation.

  24. You are SUCH an enabler! That place looks wonderful!

  25. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love your quilt shop tours. I personally don't like it when my hubby is waiting/looming outside while I shop. I find I don't really enjoy myself as much. He doesn't care who much money I spend but he doesn't get how much time I spend.

  26. I love the look of this shop. I think I'd probably need a day in there, that and a very deep pocket!

  27. What a beautiful shop!! I'm sitting here with my morning coffee and drooling over your gorgeous pictures- thanks for sharing with us!! Love the Raggedy Anne- so cute!! Looks like you're enjoying yourself so have lots of fun!!:)

  28. Looks like a fabulous place - ready to walk in and make myself at home - just with the photos you shared.

    Is this in Old Town Temecula?