Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There is NOTHING like the thrill of poking around a Thrift Shop and finding a GREAT deal…OK maybe a Garage Sale where they are selling really nice things at Give Away prices…OK OK maybe a Garage Sale where they are selling spectacular fabrics and books and patterns at Give Away prices….ahhhh…

I seem to have gotten off topic…We were talking about poking around Thrift Stores…

So yesterday my husband dropped me off at my favourite Thrift Shop in Yucca Valley while he did manly things…???…. I had 30 glorious minutes…and what a store!!  My BIG find was this kit to make an American Scrappy flag quilt!!

P1110266 Now you are probably wondering what does a Canadian need with a quilt of the American flag.  Well no offense but I don’t want the pattern…I want the fabric!!  JUST LOOK AT IT!!

Yikes…these colours aren’t true…the REAL colours are burgundy reds…so try to visualize THAT and not these pinks!  1/8 of a yard of each colour…12 reds~


14 beiges~


and 3/4 yard of blue~


All for $3.00!  SCORE!  Now I have enough reds and beige fabric to make a scrappy snowball quilt that I have on my wish list!!…and all for the price of one fat quarter!!  You got to like that!

So if you are an American and would like the pattern to this Scrappy Flag quilt by Glory Daze Pattern Co. then just leave a comment…first one to ask for it, gets it!! 


Another item that I ‘found’ in the thrift shop was this beaded charm bracelet made of yellow, gold and green glass beads!  I loved it so I bought it for only $2!


When I got it home and looked at it closely, I discovered that the little silver charms have a School Theme happening…PERFECT for a retired teacher, don’t you think?


See the bus and the ABCs and a globe…


…and a little back pack…


I think it was meant to be!!Red heart

BEFORE YOU GO…Hop on over to Kim’s Great Big Quilting Adventure…she is part of the Valentine Blog Hop and what an adventure it is!!  Such a cute heart runner that she has designed and is giving away FREE…plus if you leave a comment you might win some of the Great Big Quilting Prizes!!  Hurry over now!!

As for me, I am off to Quilting…can’t wait to see all the ‘girls’ from last year.  And I think I will wear my ‘new’ bracelet!

Have a wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I would love the pattern. Not sure if i am first or not. Great find.

  2. Guess. I am second. If Brenda changes her mind let me know. I love finds like that. I wish I had a thrift store with awesome deals like that. What a great steal. The only thing better than a great garage sale is a swap! Take things you don't want and come back with awesome things for FREE! I have several clothes and quilt magazines from my last swap.

  3. Great find!! Nice fabric collection!!

  4. I just love thrift stores and you really scored on that one. I have lots of flag patterns, need to make a new one for next year, mine faded from being in a window.


  5. Don't want the pattern but had to comment on your find. Well done you! and here's me bragging on my blog about my fabric which I thought was a bargain at $3.00 a yard!!!!!....I am so jealous.... Linda

  6. What wonderful finds P! Congratulations! I love the Valentine's tour. Have a happy day!

  7. Ooh, lucky you, Paulette! I know I'm not first so not even close to be in the running, but had to just congratulate you on both your finds!


  8. What a great find Paulette! Sometimes thrift stores just have the best deals! I love the bracelet too, those charms are adorable and I am not even a teacher!

  9. Paulette you are having way too much fun down there while I am buried under snow!!
    What a great fabric find! Can't wait to see what it becomes
    Take care

  10. HOMERUN, TOUCHDOWN, or should I say "GOAL"?

  11. Great find, maybe you can make a Canadian Maple leaf flag with the reds and beiges and use the blue for the backing? There are a few great crazy styles of leaves that would look great with that collection.

    Good find with the bracelet! Don't you just love thrift shops.
    Hey, it snowed up here in New Westminster last night, I'm sure the Island got a dump. Enjoy the sunny warmth!

  12. What lucky finds! The bracelet is fab and how jammy were you with those fabrics - you certainly did score there - fab!

  13. You have a knack of being in the right place at the right time. Great finds.

  14. Dang Paulette, now I've got the thrift store bug! What great bargains!

  15. I think I want to come shop with you...I love thrift stores...however the few I've been too in Canada, seem a bit costly compared to the ones I frequent here in the US. At any rate, you found an amazing buy!

    Way to go!

  16. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Tenha uma boa semana com muita luz, paz e saúde... porque criatividade seu blog já tem muita.
    Brasil ♥♥

  17. what a great shopper you are!..those are some great deals!..love the bracelet and yes it is perfect for a teacher..hey that's you!..it was meant to be!!

  18. Great fabric score, Paulette. Love the charm bracelet. Makes me want to get out to the nearest thrift store and see what's there.

  19. Great results at the thrift store. I think that bracelet must have been secretly made for you, it's so appropriate.

  20. You lucky girl! I hope you have a lovely time with the friends again.

  21. Oh girl you did score! Big time!! It's funny how we can never have enough reds in our stash. Or beiges.

    I can't tell you the times I've driven through Yucca Valley when I would go the back way from Vegas to DHS....I would stop at the little fruit stand there and pick up fresh fruit and veges for my weekend stay at my girlfriend's house.

    Happy sewing with your find!

  22. Great finds, you lucky girl! You know you can't take them across the border though, right? I'll tell you what. On your way north in a few months, stop by my house and drop them off, okay?! LOL!

  23. All that in 30 minutes? I'm impressed! Great haul and just LOVE the bracelet.

  24. ok..my posts aren't going through....darn it all