Sunday, December 6, 2009

Picture this…..or not…

Yesterday it was a gorgeous sunny, although chilly day on the West Coast. My husband needed to go to Parksville ~a scenic 1 1/2 hours drive up island. So I thought I would tagged along for the ride….(actually…. I thought it would be a good chance to check out ‘The Quilt Cupboard’ in Parksville!!)


So armed with my camera I entered the shop only to be told that it was against store policy to take any pictures…Ok I thought…no big deal…I guess they want to protect all of their ‘original ideas/quilts/displays’…except I didn’t see any!  Hmmm, interesting that they didn’t want me to blow their horn…what are they trying to hide? protect?  Here I am trying to promote their shop…give them some free publicity…I see Fat Quarters for $4.95!  YIKES!…and fabric for $19.95 OUCH!…and not a sale in sight….

I thought back to a blog I read all the time, Simple Pleasures…love this blog!  Lea wrote and posted pictures about two quilt shops ~ ‘The Fat Quarter Shop’ and ‘The Country Loft’.  I LOVED these pictures….I have gone back numerous times to look and enlarge the pictures for a better look. I looked at a map to see where they are located… (hmmm we are going to be in Palm Springs….) and it is do-able…OH I am going to these shops….if I have to crawl, I will go to these shops!  If Simple Pleasures hadn’t posted these pictures  I would never have found out about these two shops….my loss!  So sorry ladies, no pictures of The Quilt Cupboard…but trust me-it is their loss. They need to get with the blogging world!

On the quilting front~ I have been busy…

I cut out the wool background blocks (2 inches larger than needed- I will cut them down after I have finished the appliqué).


Then traced out the appliqué pieces onto heat and bond paper.

P1040111   P1040114

Then ironed these little appliqué drawings onto the wool felt and put everything into numbered bags.


Now I need to go back and cut everything out so that I can pin everything ready for stitching.  Hopefully it will end up looking something like this~


It’s called Fit to be Framed (number Thirteen) by Lori Smith.  Isn’t it lovely! 

YIKES!  My sewing room looks like it snowed little pieces of felt…Rylie, my quilting puppy is having a ball!

Have a super sunny (or if you live in Calgary a snowy…) Sunday and Happy Quilting!  (I better post this quickly as our power has been off all morning- cold and stormy out but the sun is shining!)


  1. That will be a great project to bring on the trip. I always like to sight see, but when we are in cities and heavy traffic, I love having something to do, that will keep my mind off of that;)


  2. This is a perfect project to bring along with you. As for the quilt shop...I never could figure out why they wouldn't want photos and then there are others that are so excited about it! I think the quilt shop thinks you may want to copy a pattern whether than make a purchase? Who know...those prices are out of this world!!

  3. Your project looks so great, Paulette. I'm at my Erin's tonight and she uses her computer on her 32" TV, so all your pictures looks awesome! I'm almost finished my few Xmas projects, so we'll have to have that coffee soon.

  4. Will your heat and bond bond on the background as well, or is it only to make the appliqué cutitng and sewing easier? The project looks like a lot of work and you need to prepare well fro the drive. - Very stupid of the shop not to allow photos. Not that I would be a potential customer, but anyway.

  5. Wouldn't you think the shop would welcome the publicity? If that's their attitude though I'm not sure I'd want to go there for my fabrics. So there!

    As for your drive-along project, I still think you're nuts, but you really have been busy preparing for it.

  6. Is this what you are going to sew during your trip to the sun.