Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That’s Dark Essential Dots…by Moda,

Incase you’re wondering, the Fat Quarter Shop is having a give-away!!  All you have to do is write a letter to Santa…and your wish just might come true!!  Here’s my letter…..

Dear Santa,

Here a dot, there a dot, everywhere a dot, dot.


With so many dots, it’s easy to spot…

Dots on a quilt so fine….

I want dots on all of mine!

I’m crazy for a dot…or two or three….

Check out all my quilts so you can see.

I’ve been good, I’ve been nice,

I’ve only been naughty once…or twice!

It’s going to rot…..

If I don’t get my dot….

(That’s Dark Essential Dots….by Moda)

Santa, if you can find it in your heart…

Dark Essential Dots is what should go into your cart.

So….don’t dilly, don’t dally, don’t STOP!

Hurry straight to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Thanks, Santa!

Love and kisses, from Sweet “P”

P.S.  A Poet I am NOT,

but I’ll do ANYTHING for a dot! (that’s… Dark Essential Dots…by Moda!)


Can’t wait to read what’s on your list to Santa!  Go to Jolly Jabber first as they are hosting this Santa give away.

Looking for a JANUARY PROJECT???  Then….look at the free pattern I stumbled onto ~


I love chickens/roosters about as much as I love snowmen!  If you want the pattern, then go to All People Quilt~  It’s called Weather Vane and you will find it under Projects On the Go.  When you click on DOWNLOAD you will automatically get the pattern pieces along with the instructions.  (This picture was compliments of All People  Enjoy!

GIVE AWAYS Spotted!!  Fabric Artist 21 is having a mega Christmas give away- a gift every day until Christmas Day!  You know what you need to do….now go!

Have a winning Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute letter - I hope Santa sees his way through all the spots to bring dots to you. :-)

    Love that freebie project.

  2. I am still debating on whether to make a wish list.
    I think there might be a ton of entries for this one;)


  3. Lovely letter!it is a great poem, I too have entered this one, all the best!

  4. What a sweet dotty poem to Santa! Hope he will be granting you your wish! (...and me too *lol*)

  5. The Weather Vane quilt is gorgeous, I will pop over NOW.