Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hubby got lucky…

Got your attention didn’t I?

So yesterday my husband went to town to run errands  and while he was out the phone rang…

The woman asked for Rick.  I told her he was out and could I take a message. 

Now before I go any further you need to know that we have been bombarded with Scams and Telephone solicitation….so as soon as I asked  “Can I take a message?” I was waiting for the sales pitch….So the lady said “I am phoning to let you know that your husband has won a prize”….and I’m think..Yup, here we go…I almost hung up at this point… 

But I kept listening…NO feedback from me…She continues…”yes, his name was selected and he has won an iPod Touch” I say “uhuh…” ...waiting for the part about sending money or trying a new product….Anyways… to make a long story short he REALLY had won an iPod Touch! I thought it was a scam the whole time…I did confirm our address but I didn’t get excited or express any excitement…The lady said Rick had ordered an antennae for the 5th Wheel  and his name had gone into their draw…”uhuh” from me….

So when Rick got home…I asked him if he had ordered an antennae for the 5th Wheel….YES!…  OH MY GOD!!!  YOU WON A 64 GB-I POD TOUCH!!!  I made Rick phone the lady back so I could apologize and gush and carry on….I am such a skeptical, cynical person…and I didn’t use to be that way…I wonder how that happened? 


The way I look at it….Rick is going to be SO busy playing with his new iPod Touch that he won’t know how long I’ve been in the quilt shops…or pay any attention to how much fabric I’m buying.  Now that’s music to MY ears!   We both just got LUCKY!

AND SPEAKING OF LUCK….look what came in today’s mail….this is the pattern that I won from Threadbare’s give-away!!P1040298

It’s called Teen Dreams …and although I’m sure a Teen would love it, I can see it as a very cute baby quilt or even for an old lady to snuggle under!  I’m definitely making this one for me!  I’m loving it!  Thanks Threadbare!

Have a swell Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. That is so funny Paulette. I know what you mean about those calls. It's so awesome that he own that. I think your right he'll be so happy playing with his new toy and you can have fun shopping. Merry Christmas to both of you. Nice pattern.

  2. Lucky him, what a great prize to win, he will have fun with it.


  3. What a cute story - but it just shows you how distrustful we are of being scammed! I always listen to the phone for few seconds, and then politely just say we're not interested and hang up - wonder how many things we've won and I've screwed up by hanging up!!!!

  4. Oh you sounded just like me on the phone to ladies trying to sell something! Congratulations on the winning, to both of you.

  5. Paulette, don't feel bad. The same thing has happened to me. I got an email from some company saying that I won an $200 Amazon gift card. I almost didn't respond back but I did. I actually told them that it was probably a scam and then found out it wasn't! We have to be ever so cautious just because we know how easy it is to be scammed.
    Congrats to your hubby for the Ipod touch. I have one and I love it. Not so much for the music I have on it, but all of the free games and programs that can be downloaded for it keep me entertained during boring cartrips or long waiting lines.

  6. That's very cool. I love how your mind works... turn his gain into more fabric fun for you. LOL. Lucky him, lucky you. Great story!

  7. congratulations o yours and your hubbys win, Lovey story too, lol!

  8. That is so funny Paulette. I know what you mean about those calls....they drive us mad!

    Congrats to your hubby for the Ipod touch. This could be a great gift for my DH..for the same reasons you gave!
    Julia ♥

  9. My granddaughter has an IPod Touch and just loves it - he's going to have so much fun. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Lucky hubby indeed. I asked Santa for one of these, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Pretty pattern too. Before I read what you wrote underneath it, I thought "that would make a fantastic baby quilt". Great minds think alike!

  11. it did! it did get my attention! congrats to Rick, and I agree, it's nice to have a little distraction going on occasionally so we can put our new fabric purchases in our stash in peace. Amen!

  12. I tend to jump to "it's a scam", too. I've had to train myself to be at least polite in asking them to remove my number from their calling list. Enjoy your trip to Palm Spring! It's mighty cold where I live and I'd like to be there, too. lol

  13. Same thing has happened to me, we all need to be that way, this days, so don't feel bad. Congrats to your husband, and as well for you, because he's going to be real busy, lol!

  14. *LOL* let´s hope that he will be very busy playing with that iPod.