Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Honest Blogger…honest!

I have just won an award for being an Honest Blogger….the nomination came from Sue (I Purrfurr to Craft).  Thanks, Sue…I think…!  I even get a button…it’s not an Oscar or an Emmy or even a Grammy but hey…I’ll take it and wear it with pride…!


As an Award Winner I must tell you 10 things about myself that you already don’t know….hmmm this isn’t easy…

1. I started sewing when I was 8 years old…but I wasn’t allowed to use a sewing machine until I was 10…I still don’t know why…something about sewing my lip to the fabric? Which means I have been sewing for 49 years…you do the math…

2. I have lived in the same house for almost 29 years…more than half my life!  YIKES~ time to move!

3. I have had the joy of owning 5 cockapoo dogs in my lifetime-(NO, not all at once!)and they have all been unique and wonderful!

4. I hate cold weather….winter in particular! Bah Humbug….

5. I hate getting old…whoever said you get better with age was full of …?  (What’s so good about wrinkles, white hair, aches and pains, a spread around your middle, dry skin…my list goes on and on and on…..)

6. I love to sew quilt tops but I don’t enjoy  machine quilting…Why? Because I’m not very good at it!

7. I LOVE baking desserts….and I love to eat them even more!

8. I am a fair weather bike rider….did I mention I don’t like getting wet and cold.

9. I am married to an incredible husband who stops at all and every quilt shop in our travels….I’m SO lucky! ;o)  (got to suck up for this winter’s travels…!!)

10. All of my kids are coming home for the holidays….YIPPEEE!!!  I better start baking….!

There done!  Now all I need to do is pass the Honest Scrap Award on to 10 more honest bloggers and they are~(drum roll….)

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Congratulations to these lucky Honest Scrap Award winners!  Remember to wear your badge with honour!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Nice to know a little more about you. Congratulations on the award. Well deserved. :-)

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  3. What a wonderful look into you! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. It was fun to read and learn more about you! Fun post!